I've been wandering around this website for about three days now and I have finally decided: This will be my safe place to write and publish poems and stories and even post some of my drawings.

I've been thinking about how I could best start to post articles (poems mainly) and attract readers and followers who could give me feedback and eventually enjoy what I write.

What I first decided to do is to let people get to know me a little bit by combining my passion for writing and a regular posting schedule on WHI: A Writing challenge.

Inspiring Image on We Heart It

DAY 1 : Ten things that make me happy
DAY 2 : Something someone told me about myself that I never forgot
DAY 3 : Top three pet peeves
DAY 4 : Someone who inspires me
DAY 5 : Five places I want to visit
DAY 6 : Five ways to win my heart
DAY 7 : Ten songs I'm loving right now
DAY 8 : Something I struggle with
DAY 9 : Words of Wisdom that speak to me
DAY 10 : Something I have strong feelings about
DAY 11 : Something I always think "What If..." about
DAY 12 : Five blessings in my life
DAY 13 : What I am excited about
DAY 14 : Favourite movie(s)
DAY 15 : Bulletpoint my whole day
DAY 16 : Something that I miss
DAY 17 : Zodiac sign
DAY 18 : Thirty facts about myself
DAY 19 : My first love
DAY 20 : Three celebrity crushes
DAY 21 : Three important lessons
DAY 22 : First ten songs of a playlist on shuffle
DAY 23 : A letter to someone, anyone
DAY 24 : A lesson I've learned the hard way
DAY 25 : Something inspired of the 11th image on google
DAY 26 : An area in my life I'd like to improve
DAY 27 : Conversely, something that kicks ass
DAY 28 : Five things that make me laugh out loud
DAY 29 : My goals for the next 30 days
DAY 30 : Highs and lows of the month

I'll be starting today, so stay tuned to check it out!

(Inspired by a challenge I found on pinterest, motivated by many of the articles on WHI)

- Eli