hello! my fourth article is here, and i hope you´ll like it as much as i did the making of it :)

let´s start!

i often find myself in the situation that i really want to do something, but i don´t know what, so i made this list that migh help you too.

  • read. it´s a perfect activity to waste your time, literally. it can get so time consuming you might not realize and spend five hours by reading and finishing one book. warning: always do your chores before you start, as you can forget about them!
  • write. exactly the same as reading. sometimes, even a one thing you write about can take hours to edit, to create. last time, i did the character development for four characters and it took me three hours to create it and make it final. warning: can be really frustrating!
  • organise your room/wardrobe/desk. amazing way how to waste time and actually do something productive. sort your stuff by the way how often you use them and think wisely; you can give some stuff away, like old and small clothes, toys you don´t play with or books you don´t read. my mom did this to me and my brother´s room, she put the toys we didn´t need into the bag and took them to one orphanage. it was so amazing, knowing our toys can help other children and make them happier. warning: before you throw out something, make sure you don´t really need it/it doesn´t have any emotional attachment to you. i suggest you should talk to your mother, father or to anyone who can help you with these stuff.
  • call your friends. there´s nothing better than wasting time with the people you love and you have fun with. me and my friend can call through skype or messenger for hours! warning: before you call, make sure to know what you´re going to call through: either through the operator or internet, and if your phone is charged!
  • watch movies/series. the most effective way how to spend the free time. i really like when i can re-watch my favourite movies or series and be emotional about it and talk with the characters. time flies so fast when you do something you love! warning: make sure you do it through the time you don´t need to go sleep, or you don´t have any other chores to do!
  • take selfies. this is literally a time wasting. whatever! make silly faces, smile, frown. it maybe isn´t that funny and may not take that long to make you bored, but it sure wastes time and never fails to make you laugh. it worked for me. warning: make sure your phone has the frontal camera. my last phone didn´t have one. it was terrible.

and now, i´ll introduce you to the specific websites you can waste your time on. it´s certified it makes you laugh until you´ll cry. warning! it can smudge your makeup. thank goodness for the waterproof mascara.

  • commaful. this page offers you very short and cool stories you can read for free. and you can even write them. all you need is to sign up! the link: https://commaful.com/
  • the oatmeal. funny colourful comics. there is plenty of those. just choose one and laugh. the link: http://theoatmeal.com/
  • find the invisible cow. it´s a game whose task is to find the cow. it´s required to have the sound up. the cow hides behind the shouting. move your cursor and you´ll find her. the link: https://findtheinvisiblecow.com/
  • the onion. this page creates fake news that are very funny. there are actual, short articles that are very funny and fake. again, really great. the link: https://www.theonion.com/
  • cyanide & happiness. my personal favourite. they´re also on youtube as videos, this page also has comics. some of them are so effin funny, some may be a little weird and some are a little cruel. still, my favourite one that´s verified to laugh after viewing. the link: http://explosm.net/ and on youtube, just search for cyanide & happiness :)
  • one tiny hand. photos of famous people with really tiny hands. it´s so cute and funny it hurts. bless the person wh made this. the link: http://onetinyhand.com/

i hope you´ll find the activity you´ll like. if not, good luck in finding the one. i hope i helped someone. message me with the one you liked the most, if you want to!

lots of love,
mishie :)