Sometimes I wonder how would my day look like if it would be shown in colors. Maybe like this:

In morning it would be blue - 'cos I'm still sleepy then and sad to leave my bed and my dreams.

Image by ℳᎯℐᎯ umbrella and rain image blue, aesthetic, and heart image blue, aesthetic, and hands image

It's winter here, it's snowing, so guess then it will be all white for me then.

white, marshmallow, and food image adidas, white, and shoes image white image cat, white, and stars image

Around lunch time I'm usually full of energy so I'd say time then would be yellow for me.

Image by Taylor Lingelser yellow image flowers and yellow image yellow, lemon, and aesthetic image

Then there comes afternoon, bit of happiness. I'd paint it green.

baby, neon, and light image book, green, and aesthetic image heart, light, and neon image Image by Lucian

As the night would be closing everything would be turning back to blue. Dark blue.

dark, glow, and grunge image moon, sky, and night image blue, light, and blurry image blue, blue sky, and dark sky image

Guess some days would have bit of red or purple but at moment these are my colors.
Thank you for reading