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Today is the sixth day of my challenge which starts with a question:

If you could run away, where would you go?"

The answer is simple as the place I am going to talk about. It is a place I mentioned yet in one of my previous article:

It is a not a place so far from my house; you can arrive there in an hour.
I am talking about the country house of my grandparents.

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There's no a place in which I wanna run away and I wanna see right now.
My grandma sold it almost two years ago and I did not already accept that precious place has been taken away from me.
It is a very important house which recollects all my childhood memories. It was a place in which I used to go for spending the summer with my grandparent and couisins, away from the city and its problems.
I made so many experiences there, it was a place of great stories and in which I met so many people.
It was and is special and I'll never forget it.

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The last Saturday, my uncle said that he is happy that me and my other cousins have good memories about that place and I was happy to reply talking about how much that house had been so important to me.
There are so many things that remind me to that place. Smells, words, landscapes, even the house of a friend, near the sea, which remind me exacly the same feelings I had in my house. It is the house of her granparents and she went there with her cousins, just like me. Maybe that's why I can feel the same energy. I really like to go there and just playing to volleyball, eating or staying under the sun. Even if the first thing came to my mind when I went there, was crying. I took their memories and I made them mine.
But it's a really good place and every time was like to come back in time.

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I think is easy saying that I wanna come back instead do it for real. I haven't seen it since me and my granfather were ill and I remember it with conflicting feelings: Everything looked like was waiting for us to come back in summer, as if never had been happend, to give it a new light, happiness and new stories. It was just waiting through the spring breeze. And I believed it. But it also made me think how much was sad that goodbye.
If I think about come back, today, I think about the fact that I won't see the same house I used to know, because I know that some things my grandfather did there are not there anymore. It would destroy me.
It would be same, but also different.
Despite all this there's a part of me who wants to come back and hope to see the same place and the same energy.

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So, If there's a place in which I wanna run away, it would be this. Not a big city, not a fancy place, just a house.
These are just some little parts of my memories about that house, that's why I invite you to continue this melanchonic, but great and impressive vision with some stories I wrote about it and you can find them on efp and wattpad on my profile "themermaidwriter."
It's very important to me sharing these memories with you.

That's all for today.
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- themermaidwriter.