This is me in pictures

♛ Style

nike, shoes, and grey image kendall jenner, Kendall, and psg image fashion, girl, and outfit image black, elegant, and quotes image

♛ A Color

blue, colors, and art image

♛ Passions

typewriter, quotes, and write image quotes and words image book, escape, and read image art, diary, and ideas image

♛ Animal

snake, green, and aesthetic image slytherin, harry potter, and hogwarts image
oupsi sorry but i had to

♛ Personality

quotes, sarcasm, and art image quotes, pink, and tumblr image book, quotes, and culture image pink, vibes, and wallpaper image

♛ Food

food, burger, and hamburger image green tea and health image

♛ Quotes

quotes, love, and things image black and white, quotes, and woman image alone, be strong, and be who you are image quotes, book, and words image

♛ Mind

gif image
i do what i want to do

♛ Aesthetics

white and grunge image beautiful, pink, and beauty image art, planet, and black image book, vintage, and grimm image

♛ Dreams

quotes, girl, and emma watson image girl, quotes, and feminism image beauty, quotes, and skin image disney, feminism, and equality image

♛ A Book

harry potter, magic, and draco malfoy image book and harry potter image harry potter, necklace, and hunger games image harry potter, book, and hp image

♛ A Movie

thor, Avengers, and the avengers image

♛ A TV-Show

school, funny, and lol image die, sheldon, and funny image
the big bang theory aka all my life

♛ Lifestyle

harry potter, divergent, and book image god, quotes, and faith image quotes, calm, and kill image flag, france, and french image

That's it ! Thank's for reading and if you want to do the same, tell me so I can go read yours !

Marie ⇝