This is me in pictures

♛ Style

adidas Kendall fashion black

♛ A Color

blue, colors, and art image

♛ Passions

quote quotes book art

♛ Animal

aesthetic art
oupsi sorry but i had to

♛ Personality

aesthetic good aesthetic bad

♛ Food

burger Superthumb

♛ Quotes

Lyrics black and white Superthumb book

♛ Mind

fuck off, fuck, and light image
i do what i want to do

♛ Aesthetics

grunge Superthumb art book

♛ Dreams

emma watson body beauty disney

♛ A Book

always book book book

♛ A Movie

thor, Avengers, and the avengers image

♛ A TV-Show

funny die
the big bang theory aka all my life

♛ Lifestyle

book faith calm flag

That's it ! Thank's for reading and if you want to do the same, tell me so I can go read yours !

Marie ⇝