GBB is the new five member girl group from Louders Entertainment.
Some people may be familiar with this group or their members, since this girl group was made with the remaining members of Sol-T. Three of the five members were previously in Sol-T, although only one, the only original member of Sol-T, actually promoted as Sol-T.

They made their debut on the 1st of May.

The five members are:

Doori: main vocal. She is a former Sol-T member

Jini: vocal and rap. She is a former Sol-T member

Chaehee: rap and dance. She is the only original Sol-T member

Cheris: vocal, dance and acting. She's the only foreign member of the team.

Sona: vocal. She was added to the group last minute. She was added so late she didn't do the photoshoot for the teaser pics with the other members and she was not added on the Melon promotional poster for their showcase.

They had their debut showcase on the 27th of January and I tried to find some videos, but I could only find one member focused videos.

Debut stage