Neon Punch had a line-up change, but the names of the new members haven't been revealed yet and I don't know if someone has left. Their social media hasn't been updated yet. When it has, I will update this artcile

Neon Punch will be the first group coming from A100 Entertainment, who are also planning to debut a boygroup. They are a girl group consisting of five members and have introduced themselves through their own reality show, Idol Condition, on A100's official Youtube channel.

Neon stands for Neon lights that will light up the dark and Punch for flamboyant personlaities. Their group concept gets described as futuristic punk.

The members:
Iaan (Yu Dongju): 15, rap, vocal
Dayeon (Hwang Yeongkyeong): 22, leader, lead vocal
Hajeong: 20, main vocal
A-Rang (Son Minjung): 19, vocal
Baekah (Kim Sua): 18, vocal

These girls might look familiar as they auditioned for Mixnine and their auditon acutally got broadcasted (partially).