You’re lux LUCENTE! Hello, we are LUCENTE!

LUCENTE is the new 7 member boygroup from Noga Entertainment. Their name is a combination of Latin and English and means Shining Brillianty. Their fandom name is LU.B.

LUCENTE was supposed to debut in 2016 with 7 members, but for unknown reasons, those plans fell through and rumors started circulaing that they would debut in 2017. In 2017 however, they started promoting in Japan, India and Hong Kong, even debuting in India.

That same year Jongchan left the group and started to prepare for debut with another group. For awhile they promoted as a 6 member group, until Xi.N left this year. Two new members were introduced when LUCENTE's debut was announced: Taejun and Parkha.

They made their debut on the 18th of September with their first mini album The Big Dipper and title track Your Difference.


Hero (Lee Youngwoong, 02.16.1993): vocal

U.Seong (Kim Moonseong, formerly of Trophy as U.Wan, 12.19.1994): leader and rap

Bao (05.12.1996): rap and composer

Z.Hoo (Jihoo, he was in Trophy but left before debut, formerly of busking group D.O.B, 02.28.1997): rap and composer

Kogun (formerly of Zest, 03.07.1997): vocal


Parkha: maknae

Former Members

Jongchan: he debuted in Spectrum as Hwarang.

Xi.N (Kim Soohyun, part of the original line-up for INX): vocal and rap

Music Video

Social Media
Hero (T/I): @Lucente_Hero / hero_0216
U.Seong: @Lucente_Useong
Bao: @Lucente_Bao / bao_dayday
Z.Hoo: @Lucente_Zhoo / z.hooo
Ko Gun: @lucente_gun / ko_geon__