1. I live in Austria

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2. I'm 17 years old, nearly 18.

3. I wear glasses or contact lenses

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4. I love to dance and riding a horse.

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5. I love fantasy or supernatural things.

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6. I would like to learn kickboxing or something similar.

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7. I love coffee with a cookie or a muffin.

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8. I love to read. Normally romantic or fantasy books.

9. I have a cat and a parrot.

10. I would like to live in New York one day. I love this city.

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11. I am an only child.

12. I am learning French, and maybe I go four weeks to Nice or Paris.

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13. I'm not really good at school.

14. I make my driving license.

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15. I like silver more than gold.

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16. I did bungee jumping and skydiving. I'm a little adrenaline junkie.

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17. I am more introverted than extroverted.

18. My favourite colours are red and blue.

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19. I love Asian food and fruits.

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20. I Love the voices of Dua Lipa and Shawn Mendes.

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21. I know my best friend since 16 years.

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22. I am a big Harry Potter Fan.

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Sadest Moment ever!!!!

23. I am a real movie and series junkie.

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24. I love to go to the cinema!

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25. I love lots of things.

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26. I'm a little bit nasty and I love sarcasm.

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27. Sometimes I need quotes to motivate me.

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28. When I finish school I will travel the world.

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At the End a little quote. :)

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