Hi there! Today I want to write something a little bit more personal than usual, I'm gonna share who I am, what I like and my story in points. Hope you like it! I want to know new people so if you want write me 💙 let's be friendssss

1. I'm italian

army, flag, and military image basil, chef, and cooking image

2. I study history at University

book, aesthetic, and pink image barcellona, Barcelona, and church image

3. my favorite color is red

rose, flowers, and red image color, paint, and red image

4. favorite cities I've visited (London, Amsterdam, Sidney & York)

london, travel, and city image Image by Suzie Nichole australia and Sydney image uk, York, and yorkshire image

5. my style consists of coats, black jeans, pumas and red jumpers

Image by story▸◂ fashion, red, and style image puma, creepers, and rihanna image fashion, girl, and style image

6. another color I love wearing lately is yellow

fashion, summer, and girl image yellow, aesthetic, and hufflepuff image

7. when I was younger I had got six parrots

parrot and cute image animal, animals, and blue image

8. my favorite animal is polar bear

bear, animal, and flowers image animal, nature, and Polar Bear image

9. one day I'll get a dog, it's a wish I've always had (a german shepherd or a dobermann)

animal, dog, and german shepherd image doberman, dobermann, and dobermanpinscher image

10. my favorite places to be in are airports and museums

travel, girl, and airport image art, museum, and people image

11. one of my favorite things to do is going to take a coffe in my favorite bar with my best friend

coffee, food, and cake image best friends, coffee, and coffee girl image

12. one of my best friends lives far away from me and we can't spend a lot of time together... it kills me

reading, train, and trip image girl, friends, and friendship image

13. I love art with all my atoms, blood, soul.. I love reading about it, I love staring at it and studying it

Image removed art, aesthetic, and beige image art, book, and monet image art, painting, and blue image

14. favorite albums to listen to (LOVE LUST FAITH + DREAMS -30stm and Bad - Michael Jackson)

30 seconds to mars, jared leto, and lust image michael jackson, bad, and mj image

15. favorite serie: Vikings

Abusive image Mature image

16. favorite books ( Big Magic and Harry Potter)

book and elizabeth gilbert image books, harry potter, and fantastic image

17. the most important person in my life is my grandad, who reads the newspaper a lot

age, bravo, and closeup image newspaper, vintage, and aesthetic image

18. going to concerts is a thing I do a lot

concert, justin, and crowd image concert, justinbieber, and purposetour image

19. spending time with my boyfriend is what makes me happy the most

couple, love, and cinema image cozy and love image

20. my icon is Diana Spencer

beauty, british, and diana image diana and princess diana image
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It's me! 🐻 Hope you liked it!
Lots of love 'till next time
Fede 💖