Hi there! Today I want to write something a little bit more personal than usual, I'm gonna share who I am, what I like and my story in points. Hope you like it! I want to know new people so if you want write me 💙 let's be friendssss

1. I'm italian

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2. I study history at University

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3. my favorite color is red

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4. favorite cities I've visited (London, Amsterdam, Sidney & York)

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5. my style consists of coats, black jeans, pumas and red jumpers

autumn clothes creepers bag

6. another color I love wearing lately is yellow

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7. when I was younger I had got six parrots

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8. my favorite animal is polar bear

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9. one day I'll get a dog, it's a wish I've always had (a german shepherd or a dobermann)

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10. my favorite places to be in are airports and museums

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11. one of my favorite things to do is going to take a coffe in my favorite bar with my best friend

breakfast coffee

12. one of my best friends lives far away from me and we can't spend a lot of time together... it kills me

girl best friends

13. I love art with all my atoms, blood, soul.. I love reading about it, I love staring at it and studying it

art aesthetic aesthetic art

14. favorite albums to listen to (LOVE LUST FAITH + DREAMS -30stm and Bad - Michael Jackson)

30 seconds to mars bad

15. favorite serie: Vikings

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16. favorite books ( Big Magic and Harry Potter)

book book

17. the most important person in my life is my grandad, who reads the newspaper a lot

hands newspaper

18. going to concerts is a thing I do a lot

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19. spending time with my boyfriend is what makes me happy the most

cinema bed

20. my icon is Diana Spencer

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It's me! 🐻 Hope you liked it!
Lots of love 'till next time
Fede 💖