Last year I managed to create this awesome journal/scrapbook filled with little souvenirs from my travels. However, it took me quite some time to figure out how I could get the most out of my memories without spending a lot of time during said adventures.

At first I started with a small journal that I tried to fill as I went but soon I stumbled upon a few small problems:

  • some photographs weren't directly printed so I needed to save space for them;
  • my materials ran out or were too big/uneasy to bring along (like glue or scissors);
  • some of my souvenirs were too big for the small notebook I brought along.

Hence, why I changed my method. And here I am, about to share it with you!

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1. When you're going on a trip, carry around a small notebook with the sole intention of it being discarded as soon as you transport the information onto your real travel journal. You can also use notes on your smartphone.

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2. Collect and write down everything you want to incorporate in your travel journal. At the bottom of this article I will give you some inspiration of things you can use.

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3. Get creative once your adventure is over. When you've got all that you want ready for your journal, you can peacefully start decorating it. Print your photos, scribble down some quotes or doodles, look up sayings in the language of the country you visited. Now you have the time to create a unique souvenir without actually missing anything from your trip.

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things you can add in your travel journal

  • pictures: polaroid pictures, postcards, digital pictures, photobooth pictures,...
  • tickets: restaurant tickets, shop tickets, museum tickets, ride tickets, transportation tickets,...
  • maps
  • quotes: things said by your companions, quotes about the place you visited, travel quotes, sayings in the native language,...
  • doodles
  • pressed flowers
  • different pages: places you want to visit, places you already visited,...
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