- I don't know if you ever felt like this but if you did, there's a little something I wrote when I was not feeling very well. -
Hope you like it:

"Feeling empty
But so full of emotions at the same time
Is apparently
What I'm gonna feel my entire life
Don't wanna be alone
But also hate to bother anyone
Because people don't care
That's what I so far found out

I mean, people care but not about me
Just because I'm different and don't go to parties
In this age if you don't like to go for a drink
There's something wrong with you, you're just weird
I like to stay home or go for a walk
If you want to get drunk, go alone
I don't mean to be selfish that's just who I am
Can't bear to be around too many people, it makes me feel sad
If not being sad costs me being unhappy
Then go to hell or try to understand it
But why would you, right?
You have million people around

When you have a problem you go to me I get it
Maybe I help you and then? Like you forgot it
Your friend is mad at you, suddenly I am a shoulder to cry on
But a few days later I'm no-one again, oh
And when I have a problem and believe me life keeps messing me up
You're far away, no regret, don't care if I'm feeling fucked up
You're human, you have feelings, so please think what you're doing
Because you know I'm here, also human being
Don't ever come to me or stay and stop being so selfish

Maybe you're screwed up more than I have ever been
Because the way you treat people is fucked up as I've never seen
I would thank you for some nice memories we shared
But based on how you treated me then, I don't even remember them
I don't even know if you've ever been my friend
And I don't want you to be because then whole world would be a mess

So bye bye my "friend"
I don't ever wanna see you again
But I know I will"

- Remember, you're worth everything in the world, so LOVE YOUR BODY, LOVE YOUR MIND AND ENJOY THE LITTLE THINGS <3 -