To the girls and the boys who cry out for a love they can't hold. And to him. Especially to him.

I am assured of your benevolence. I always was.
I am certain that you are aware of that incontestable truth even if you have tossed and turned and changed and forgotten.
I suppose forgetting isn’t that bitter but merely a way of delaying the self destruction we provide for ourselves.
I am fading, ceasing to exist, or better coexist with myself, since the distance between us grew bigger and bigger till it became whole and infinite and I became greedy and jealous because of how whole this distance was, while I was in pieces. I wish I was in pieces now, yet I have become insufficient, a new form of oblivion.
You’re missing from me, and I fear that I’m not missing from you.
Farewell dear,
I hope the universe never has to know, how hard it feels to let its purpose go.

—farewell // d.s.