Good morning hearters ♥
Eventually it has happened...
It has been snowing the whole night ❄🤭
I have no classes today so I will use this snowy and cold morning to relax, catch up with university assignments and cosy up.

city, cold, and ice image coffee, autumn, and fall image

So here it is: my Thursday meal plan ✍
Enjoy ♥


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Today I have decided to eat rice cakes instead of susks, so 3 or 4 rice cakes (because they're lighter) + jam + 1 glass milk

Morning snack

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1 yogurt (or 125g)


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Today's lunch is delicious and very colourful: 200g octopus salad + 200g boiled (Swiss) chards + 1 teaspoon oil of your choice + 1 apple

Afternoon snack

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A cup of tea and some whole wheat biscuits will be perfect for this freezing day, especially if had inside, with a book and a blanket ♥


healthy salad vegetables image Image by Christina Lovess Jesus ❤
120g chicken topside (which is a very good alternative to Parma ham, if you want to be lighter and less thirsty 😆) + 200g mixed salad + 1 apple

I hope you guys enjoyed my article ♥
I'll go back to my German assignment now.
Wish you a very wonderful day 😘 and hold on because tomorrow it's Friday!

- Elena