hey guys! so basically I saw an article called if colours were girls and I really liked the idea. so I decided to recreate it but my favourite things as people! (btw the article is by @_selini_

☁︎ f o o d ☁︎

beauty, models, and casual image Image by hannah smith baby, cute, and blonde image dog, hair, and girl image nurse, Piercings, and septum piercing image fashion, necklace, and style image

☁︎ r i v e r d a l e ☁︎

sky, car, and night image girl, aesthetic, and blue image Image by Tay❥ dark, grunge, and blue image Mature image clouds, gif, and nightlife image

☁︎ s h a n e ☁︎

crown, diamond, and luxury image crown, diamond, and theme image meme, memes, and reaction image meme, reaction, and shane dawson image pig, unicorn, and animal image wallpaper, pig, and animal image


ok that's all for now (I'm sorry I was too lazy to do more, maybe later lol)

♡bye guys!♡