Dear King,
I feel it. I know it. Tonight might've been our last time together, because in about a month you'll choose to drop the weight instead of the other options I gave you.
King I'm scared, terrified, anxious, every horrible feeling you can think of, but it might be for the best you know... maybe we weren't compatible. I've decided today that I will give my heart to God. He has already decided the outcome of this break. He saw it coming. I didn't and that's why I'm writing this.
I wanna start off by saying sorry for all the things I've ever wronged you in. I offended you, hurt you, confused you, and underestimated you. It is know that I realize this and I feel stupid for not saying anything earlier.
There's someone out there waiting for you. Someone perfect, beautiful, smart, and is more open then I ever was.
Then I'll ever be...
I know there's someone for me too! Being everything I ever wanted in a guy, but the time is not now.
If and IF you said you wanted to start fresh or get to know each other before we try this again. I will be happy. No, i'll be over the moon! I love you and I know I'm probably to young to be saying this, but I do. I love you more than Juliet loved Romeo, more than the stars in the sky, and more than my obsession with Reese's cups - yea that much haha - that will never end and I promise that i'll make every day a day a great day for you.

Even if you reading this right now and cut things between us...I'll still love you.
Now that i'm going down the narrow path to God house... i'm open and ready for whatever happens. My arms will be open for whatever you bring at me. 'Cause in the end I didn't matter.
You did.
And you always will.

Love your girlfriend,
🥀Cammy🥀 Jenkins