It took about 5 minutes for the applause to die until you -a white man- had to ask why it is mandatory for you to watch a black history month presentation?

It took you 5 minutes to start complaining about how uncomfortable the terminology "white privilege" made you feel. Its took you 5 minutes to turn this Black History Month presentation about you.

I would like to apologize to you on behalf of all people of colour if the words white privilege make you uncomfortable.
I am sorry. I am sorry because I will continue to use that terminology; despite popular belief it is not used to place blame or make you uncomfortable. We do not ask you to be to feel sorry, all we ask is you is to take a look at the world from our perspective. All we ask is for you to recognize your privilege.

Do you even understand how privileged you are if you can trace your ancestors, because for a lot of us our history has been erased, or forgotten or neglected. I am shocked at how uncomfortable it would make you if my african sisters and brothers took some time to share their history with you. They just want to understand their past that was taken away from them.

Do you even understand privileged you are if find someone who looks like you when you turn your television screens, because for a lot of us all we have are Ravi from Jessie and Raj from Big Bang Theory. Characters with creators that have failed to represent my people and my culture accurately. And now I have answer your ignorant questions about my ethnicity.

Do you even understand how privileged you are if you don’t have to worry about the world looking at your brother differently after 9/11, Paris attacks and Orlando.

Because I don't share the same luck as you. Instead I sit here as I do my world history homework. A class that is mandatory to take, labeled world history, although all we learn is about the Balkan and World Wars, and we discuss Europe in 19th and 20th century, when Asian and African and South American History are not even offered as an elective.

So I ask you take the same 5 minutes it took you complain. Take that time to reflect and acknowledge your privilege. You are not expected to be sorry, no, you are expected to listen respectfully because with these presentations we carry the voices of their ancestors that had been oppressed for far too long.

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