All about me!

- Style

fashion, champion, and grey image outfit, style, and supreme image outfit, fashion, and style image bag, chic, and fashion image
The top two outfits are my normal outfits. Sweatshirts with leggings or sweatpants. The bottom two are outfits i would wear if I had money/knew where to buy those types of clothing.

- Makeup

girl, maggie lindemann, and Maggie image aesthetic, asian, and beauty image girl, beauty, and hair image girl, beauty, and eyes image
I normally don't do extravagant makeup looks. I only do BB cream, brows, and mascara. Sometimes I'll add a pop of brown eye-shadow, eyeliner, or bronzer. but nothing much!!

- Pets

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I have one dog. He is a German Shepard and honestly my best friend.


- Color

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My favorite color is yellow. I love mustard yellow and light yellow the best. :)

- Cities

buildings and view image Image by Ksenia The Killer rome, italy, and city image beach, sea, and Carribean image
Cities are my whole heart! I love New York, Paris, Rome, but I also love tropical places like the Caribbean.

- Animals

black, blue, and drawing image elephant, animal, and nature image animals, nature, and girrafes image Image by Sarai_03_02
I love all animals including narwhals, elephants, giraffes, and deer!

- Food and Drinks

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My favorite foods are fruit bowls and curly fries, while my favorite drinks are milkshakes and iced coffee.

- Artists

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My music taste is everywhere. I like Selena Gomez, Harry Styles, The 1975, and 6lack.