The Dragon's Kindred Spirit is the Sequel to The Dragon Hunter's Daughter

Chapter Three

“Eleanor,” I whispered and a brief smile was pulled on to her face.
“Yes,” she affirmed, and walked past me, the trail of her lavender gown bouncing across the floor. A glint caught my eye and I squinted to see a matching lavender scale hanging from her neck. She sat down on her ruby throne, with the man following her. A unicorn trotted into the room, marched up the steps and settled beside Eleanor who reaches out to pet it.
“Traitor,” I hissed, climbed from my knees and raced toward her. The soldiers were quick to react, stopping me before I could even step on one of the stairs. I furiously fought against them, but was easily overpowered. I was pushed to my knees, but refused to bow my head.
“Bow to her,” one of the soldiers smacked the back of my head, forcing it downward.
“Now, now,” Eleanor said. “This is not how we treat our guests.” She gestured for the soldiers to bring me forward. Once I was in front of her, I was able to look her directly in the eyes. The dark look within them scared me. The scale once again caught my attention and I could see the edges were degrading. Eleanor saw where I was looking and immediately covered it with her hand.

“This is Kelvin,” Eleanor introduced the well-dressed man beside her and he stood. Kelvin reached a hand out to me and I hesitated, but shook it anyway. “You’ve already met Michael, Nyvu, Romero and Shadow, but this,” Eleanor paused and reached a hand out to pet the unicorn. “This is Barak.” Barak huffed, his eyes narrowing as he assessed me.
“What did you do to Lilac?” I asked, my heart hurting for the only other purple dragon.
“I didn’t do anything!” Eleanor screamed and I took an involuntary step backward. The power in her voice surprised me. Her eyes flickered to black and I grew confused. Kelvin reached a hand over to her and squeezed. Eleanor instantly calmed and her ‘kindness’ had returned.
“Have we been feeding you? You look awful,” Eleanor commented, her lips in a slight pout.
“Where’s Lux?” I asked, ignoring her question.
“You can survive without him, you know,” her smile grew twisted. “You can join us, Liona.”
“Never,” I spat and Eleanor chuckled.
“Look at her arm, Master,” Michael called from the side. “He’s doing it.” Eleanor stood from her throne and gripped my arm. Her fingernails dug into it as she jerked my arm forward. The scales sparkled in the candlelight, and for a second, I allowed myself to think Lux was here with me.
“Where is he?” I growled at her and she shoved my arm away. She returned to her seat and flicked her hand. The guards began to drag me away. I screamed and fought the entire way out of the throne room; the last image I had was Romero’s concerned look on his face before the doors were slammed closed.
I was thrown on the ground of my cell, the shackles replaced in their former positions. I fought against the soldiers, then against the shackles, as darkness replaced the light.
And once again I was alone, with only my thoughts for company.
Lucy brought food some time later. The portion size seemed to have doubled, but I definitely wasn’t complaining.
“What…” Lucy started and I paused my assault on the leg of the bird I was eating. “What happened to your arm?” It seemed her curiosity had overcome her fear.
Thank goodness.
“I’m not sure,” I answered, moving my eyes from her to my arm. The amount of scales hadn’t grown, but I brushed them lightly. I closed my eyes and imaged it was Lux I was petting.
It didn’t comfort me as much as I wanted it to.
“Are they scales?” Lucy began to sit down on the floor and I nearly raised my eyebrows in surprise. I accepted the comradery she seemed to give me.
She was the only one who seemed to care.
“Yes,” I whispered, brushing my arm again. “They’re my dragons’.”
“King Lux, right?” Her eyes lit up and I smiled slightly.
“Correct. How do you know that?”
“The talk around the halls,” she answered, before leaning toward me slightly. “And you talk in your sleep.”
I was taken aback, “You watch me while I sleep?”
“I apologize, that came out wrong,” Lucy reddened. “I’m supposed to only bring you food when you’re awake.”
“How do you watch me?”
“There’s a pool of water with magic here. You say the name of the person you want to see, and they appear,” Lucy explained and I shifted.
“Can you see how Lux is doing?” I pleaded, but Lucy shook her head.
“It’s guarded all the time, I don’t think that’s possible.”
“What about Donovan?” I asked. “He’s a friend of mine, and he got hurt. Can you please see if he’s alright?” Lucy hesitated, but eventually relented.
She stood, and reached into the pocket of her dress, whispering, “I brought you an extra candle.” She walked closer to me, was wary, but she placed it and the lit candle in my hands. “It seems awfully dark in here without the light.”
“Thank you,” I said genuinely, accepting them. Lucy nodded once before disappearing with my empty tray.
I might have an ally after all. I thought as I began to practice with the candle. When that one burned almost to completion, I lit the other one. I ran my fingers through flame, the fire dancing around them. I moved my hand away and I grinned.
The flame had transferred from the candle to my palm.
I moved it from hand to hand, smiling at my success, when another presence entered the room. I hurriedly snuffed it out, pushing the candle behind me.
“Tsk, tsk,” a torch appeared and I was confused to see Kelvin standing before me. He shoved me away, taking the candle. I reached out after him and only stepped just barely out of my reach.
“Please,” I broke down. “Please, give it back.”
“You want this back?” Kelvin teased, shaking it in front of him. His face then turned dark, “You are in no position to make demands.” I cowered away, his presence suddenly larger. I felt like I was suffocating and he leered darkly. “You are pathetic. You are worthless. You are nothing.”
As he spoke, it felt like I was being smacked. I ended up with my face against the disgusting floor, but I couldn’t move.
“What is Lux doing to you?” he asked, his voice drawing an answer from me.
“I…I don’t know.”
“Liar!” He yelled, and I felt like a heavy boulder had covered my body and was pressing me downward.
“I don’t know what’s going on!” I screamed back.
“You are useless,” he hissed, leaving with my candle and the invisible boulder. Once gone, I was able to sit up and I felt my face. On my right cheek, I could feel scales beneath my fingers, and I was even more confused than before.

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