Before I begin this article, please don't be confused by my age as in "What could a 15 year old possibly know?" Maybe these pieces of advice help you, maybe they don't. But i decided to write these for a chance I could help someone. ☼

1. No matter what, know that everything WILL get better. Even if you think they don't, you grow up, people move away, school ends, whatever your stress and pain is know that as long as you continue to want and grow, you will surpass any struggle. Why go back when you can go forward?

2. It is important to have an opinion, but it's more important to know the right time and way to announce it.

3. Please treat people with all the love you have in your heart. There is so much hate in this world and it is so much easier to be nice. If you're nicer, you will have less conflicts, less stress, and less time being angry when you could be happy.

4. Spend every moment you can with loved ones. Life is such a risky game, and you may regret not loving someone to your full potential as you wanted.

5. But you also need to spend time for yourself. Relax, write, sing, do anything to ease your mind of the complications of life.

6. Develop yourself. Learn your fashion sense, your likes and your dislikes. Once you find out what you want and what you prefer, life goes by so much easier.

7. But take the time to try new things. Give your styles a spice every once and a while. Try new cuisines. Anything!

8. For all the money you get, do something amazing with half or more of it. You could easily replace a cheeseburger with donations to your favorite charity.

9. Talk to people who are different than you. Learn about them. Whether it's their religion, ethnicity, anything you desire. But please remember to be respectful when asking questions about someone else's life.

10. YOU ARE NOT YOUR PARENTS. In thought out words, just because your parent does something, whether has a personal issue, or personality quality you don't like, remember they are a different person. Just because they are your parents doesn't mean you will turn out like them. It is your life. Act how you want, believe what you want. Love what YOU love, not what they love.

11. School and grades aren't everything. I am not saying they're not important, they are. You should always do your homework and study for tests. What I do mean is, if you get a lower grade on something, or you're stressing over a quiz, calm down. The most dangerous thing you can do is stress yourself out and distract you more from what is going on.

12. Follow your heart. If you want to ask someone out, or if you want to go into a different profession than before, just do it. You only have one life so you better be happy with what you do.

13. Although you want to be kind to everyone and not make any bad assumptions, if you see or think something or someone is suspicious of doing something terrible, like hurting themselves or someone else, don't be afraid to go with your gut. Sure the person may get mad because you told someone about something, but you could be saving someones life.

14. Don't listen to other people when they say things about you OR OTHER PEOPLE. Their opinions don't matter. If they have the guts to say bad things about other people, doesn't that make them bad? Focus on yourself so you can better yourself than them. Learn to love.

15. And last, but not least, tomatoes are disgusting, bye.