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Andrea Russett

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I LOOOVE HER SOO MUCH. Her posting isn't always constant, but I love her for more than just her YouTube channel so it doesn't really bother me. She is one of the cutest human beings, she's so goofy, but she also stands up for herself and doesn't take shit from anybody which I admire so much <3 Also she is a freaking goddess. I think she is sooo gorgeous, and her outfits, makeup, hair .... like everything is always on point. I also admire that she speaks out about her self esteem/ confidence and encourages others to be confident and work on their happiness as well and she lifts people up. Watching her always puts me in a good mood. Also she's one half of Kiandrea (still ship, no shame)

Two videos you should check out:

How to Fall in Love with Yourself

Reacting to My old Myspace

Tana Mongeau

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She is so extra and I am here for it. Her story times are hilarious and I literally binged them all after watching just one of them. I love that she doesn't take shit from anybody and can laugh at anything. Like literally ANYTHING. Her nudes got leaked and she turned it into can you not love her? I know she is very controversial (?) and you either hate her and find her annoying or love her and find her entertaining. Tana is also such a beautiful person, inside and out. ALSO tbh I love her songs, no shame.

Two videos you should check out:

The First Time I Smoked Weed: Storytime

My Stalker Took Pictures of my Sleeping Body


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I actually just recently started watching her and I've binged. I'm watching reviews on makeup that I will NEVER buy but I love her and just her personality so yeah I watch them. Nikkie is SUCH a beautiful woman with and without makeup, her personality to. Also she is SO talented with makeup it is INSANE! I love her humor and admire how she is honest when doing reviews and all that. I also admire how she stands up for makeup shaming (which yes, it is a thing). So, if you like makeup, do makeup, want to learn how to do makeup, or just want someone cute and funny to watch, Nikkie is definitely one to watch.

Two videos you should check out:


END MAKEUP SHAMING! - GO-TO Ultra Glam Makeup Tutorial

David Dobrik

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His videos may be short but they're freaking hilarious. 'Nuff said. The stunts in the videos are dangerous, but hilarious. The friendships between all of them is also something so pure and cute, they're like a family. Like in how many YouTube videos can you see someone put an alligator in front of their friends face or things like decide to fly all the way to Hawaii just to shoot a friend with a paint ball gun...then fly all the way back? David is also so unproblematic in my opinion. Also he has some cute friends in the vlogs.

Two videos you should check out: (This was really hard to choose)



Kian and JC

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Yes,yes....some problems have recently arose about Kian saying racist things. Do I not care about it? No, I do care. It disgusted me. He was in the wrong and honestly it did bother me that he didn't apologize until AFTER it affected his career. However, I have watched these two for years, and they had always made me laugh, so am I going to stop supporting him? No. Their videos always bring me joy and make me laugh, and I can always brighten my mood by watching them. Also, there so flipping good looking like holy shit. These two also really suck at uploading but hey, what are you going to do? ALSO Kian, is the other half of Kiandrea (still ship, no shame)

Two videos you should check out:



Karlee Steel (and Connor Bobay)

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I'm mostly gonna talk about Karlee.

Karlee Steel is one of the most gorgeous woman I've ever seen no lie. Not only is she so beautiful but her personality is just oh my god. She's funny, silly and she always makes me laugh when I watch her videos. Karlee is also one woman I admire because she speaks up about plastic surgery, that you shouldn't judge people and you should let people be confident. She spoke up about her plastic surgery which was really strong, because lots of people DO attack people who get plastic surgery, but Karlee doesn't take shit from anybody and will talk back and stand up for herself and I love her for it. The reason I put Connor Bobay in this is because I also watch their joint channel. Their pranks are hilarious and their relationship is just so cute. ALSO she's Canadian just like me.

Three videos you should check out:

GET READY WITH ME: Plastic surgery and relationship

SONG LYRIC PRANK: My ex-boyfriend exposes himself

Bonus video from their joint channel--
STD prank on boyfriend

Elle Mills

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She is honestly one of the funniest youtubers in my opinion. Her videos ALWAYS make me laugh. Her personality is so outgoing and she just doesn't care and I love it. I also admire her for coming out. The video was so emotional honestly but of course she came out in such an extra way. That's something else I love about her, is that she is SO extra. Also I love the videos with Connie in them because Connie is just awesome.

Three videos you should check out:

Coming Out ( Elle Mills Style)

My brothers #Hurtbaes

Here's an extra one just casue I love it:
Slumer Party with My brother and All his ex's

Honourable Mentions

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Liza Koshy
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Kristen Mcatee
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Dominic Deangelis
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Corey Labarrie (couldn't find a solo one)
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Bobby Mares
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Franny Arrieta

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