Hey guys, so now that i'm into high school and were a tiny bit over half way through the year, i noticed i can start to lose my confidence by this point. Even though i know i shouldn't let what other people say about me effect me/get to me it always will. So i follow these tips below to help myself feel my best and i guess look my best too :) I really hope these tips help you guys just as much as me.

1. Visualize yourself as you want to see yourself- if you see yourself the best you can be then you will feel the best you can be.

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2. Affirm yourself- tell yourself it's going to be ok, things will work out, you will see better days. Overall, just keep your head high with positive vibes.

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3. Take Risks- girl you got to go out for the sports team, you have to be the one to make a change, be the difference maker you can be and inspire.

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4. Question Yourself- ask why you're doing what you're doing, if you can't think of a reason, then why are you doing it??

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5. Know how to take rejection- you're not always going to be accepted for who you are and thats OK, it's ok as long as you don't take it personal and learn to deal with haters becasue you know there's people who love you.

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6. Set yourself up to win- if opportunity comes knocking, girl you gotta open that door and step in. Never take anything for granted.

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7. Help Others- if you are a person with confidence, you know that helping others can go along way and can give you confidence too. You never know how big of an impact your kindness to others could have on them. YOU COULD BE SAVING SOMEONES LIFE FOR ALL YOU KNOW

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8. Take care of Yourself- wash your face, dress up, wear what makes you feel confident and beautiful... don't be afraid to be you!

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9. Create Boundaries- cut toxic people out of your life, if you don't like something about your life, change it. If you don't want something say NO. Its okay to say no :)

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10. Equality Mentality- you don't deserve something you don't work for, you shouldn't expect anything.. you're rewarded for your hard work. Being entitled is different than being successful.

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i really hope you guys enjoyed this alot! it was so much fun to write even though it took me 2 hours :) haha but whatever for my lovely followers and viewers it's worth it.