This story is a rough draft, not everything coincides as the story continues. Also the tense changes part of the way through the book (sorry for that).

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Liona is the only one left in her family without a winged unicorn. They continuously leave her to hunt the terrible dragons, while she stays home to complete the chores. But this all changes when a female dragon crash-lands into the forest on the outskirts of her property and gives Liona her egg, before tragically dying at the hands of the Dragon Hunters. What will Liona do with the egg now that it's in her possession?

Chapter One

“We’re heading out,” my father said to me, and he bent down slightly to hug me. “We’ll be back this afternoon. Take care of yourself and the house.”
“I know Father, this isn’t the first time you’ve left me alone,” I smiled up at him and he nodded. He turned away, and faced the rest of my family; my mother, my two brothers, and my sister.
“Grace ‘em up,” my father said, and I watched as each member of my family gracefully sat themselves behind the bird-like feathers. I sighed quietly, watching the pure white wings open themselves, shaking and stretching for the long flight. Each person grabbed a hold of the white manes, each touching the tip of the horn for luck, and my father gave the signal. As one unit, my family rose up, the wings of their rides pumping the air. They then turned and shot off into the sky, my brothers hooting and hollering at the feeling.

“I hope I get my winged unicorn soon,” I sighed and watched until the great white hides of the winged unicorns disappear into the clouds. I scuffed my shoe on the wooden floor in frustration, “Why do my brothers, who are younger than me, get them, while I still haven’t gotten my special box yet!” I grumbled and headed back into the wooden house to sweep and dust while the house was empty. The whole time I whined and complained to no one but myself, but it was making me feel better.
I just finished straightening my room when I heard a screech off to the east of the house. I instantly ran to the window in the kitchen, braced to jump into the cellar. I knew what that screech meant—dragon. I had heard them often enough to know if they were close or not, and this one was close. It sounded as if it was right on the opposite side of our little forest on our property. I waited a moment, hastily scanning the sky above the forest. I was just about to turn away, when I heard a rumble, which shook the ground and the house. It sounded as though the dragon was in pain. I tried to put on an I-don’t-care face and attitude, being the daughter of the dragon hunter I was, but then I heard another rumble, as if the dragon was crying. I couldn’t resist any longer.
I grabbed my coat and ran out the door, to the little path used by my siblings and me. I ran past the stables, groaning as I went. “I hope this doesn’t mean I’ll be getting my box later than originally planned.” I made my way into the forest, not stopping until I saw the edge of the forest. I walked quietly to the edge, and gasped quietly at what I saw.
A pale green dragon lay on its side, gasping for breath. It was the size of a two story house in height, and the one wing I could see was the same size. The dragon’s stomach was gashed in, many arrows protruded from it, blood dripping in huge drops to the ground. I accidently stepped on a twig, causing its head to whip up and stare directing into the forest at me.
“What do you want?” A female voice spoke and I looked around in bewilderment. “What more do you want from me, human?” I looked back at the dragon and gasped again, but I stepped out into the light, for the female dragon to see me better.
“I want nothing,” I said timidly. “I heard your rumbles, and I cannot resist an animal in pain, so I came.”
She looked me over and a slightly recognition came into her eyes, that I did not understand. “Come, child.” I walked towards her, terrified and awed at the same time. Her jade eyes glinted with happiness; which I never thought I could see from an animal dying.
“Is there anything I can do?” I asked, my eyes roaming her scales and her underbody, trying to find a way I could help her.
“Yes,” She bent her head down for me and gestured for me to place a hand on her snout. I timidly reached a hand towards her and she nuzzled my hand, making me smile.
“Yes, you’ll do, Liona,” She pulled her head away and pulled up her wing, revealing two feet with silver talons clasping something I couldn’t quite see. She opened them, revealing a dark purple stone no larger than my palm. “Please, take it.” I walked around to her stomach and reached into her talons, holding the stone in my hands. I walked back around to face her and she bent her head down again. I placed one hand on her snout, the other holding on to the stone with great care.
“I bestow upon thee the gift of my egg,” The dragon said in my head. I shook my head in surprise and pulled my hand back. She then collapsed her head on the ground. I ran to her head and sat next to her, keeping a hand on her cheek.
“What’s your name?” I asked quietly.
“Saorina.” She replied, again in my head. She then closed her eyes and fell dead. I quivered with tears, and then I remembered the egg.
“What I am supposed to do with a dragon egg?” I asked with tears falling down my face. “And why does my family kill these creatures?”

Chapter Two

I heard voices coming from above my head to the left, getting closer and closer until I was able to make out the words.
"Where'd it fall?" A man's voice called.
"I think I see it!" Another man called back. They were so close I heard the wingbeats of their unicorns.
"I have to get out of here," I whispered to myself, and clutching the egg to my chest, I began to run back toward the safe cover of our forest. The egg was radiating heat; I was glad for its warmth for even my jacket couldn't keep out the harsh wind. I watched from behind a bush as three winged unicorns landed on the ground next to Saorina.
Three men slid off the backs of them--two holding bows with quivers on their backs, and the third held a silver sword. The sword-holder seemed to be the leader of the group, and he was the first one to strode over to Saorina. He swung his sword cockily, flipping it over his left hand and catching it again, placing the blade across his left shoulder.
"We got you this time," I heard the man say to Saorina. He looked down her bloodied body to her talons and he growled in frustration. The two men behind him took a step back.
"Moki, what's the problem?" One man timidly asked, and the leader man, apparently named Moki whipped around and stalked up to the man who spoke.
"What's wrong? What's wrong!" Moki yelled and the man coward. "I'll tell you what's wrong, Seath! Her egg isn't with her! Now there's another loose dragon. We want them extinct, we wanted the egg to kill it and prevent it from being born, now it's loose and we'll just have to hunt down another one! That's what's wrong," Moki huffed, out of breath.
I gasped and the three men turned toward my position. Moki squinted his eyes, and I held my breath, holding the purple egg as tight as I could without breaking it, hoping they wouldn't come over to inspect. The men must've put the sound off to an animal because they turned their backs on my hiding spot and began to discuss about what to do with Saorina and how to find the egg.
I felt a little tug on my shirt and I looked, nearly gasping again. A little fairy-like creature was pulling on my sleeve. Its wings were pitch black, but he gave off a feeling of security. It wore a little pair of slacks and shirt, with boots to match. All were shades of red. The skin was tan, much like my own, and he carried a little sword attached to his hip with a black belt. I had never seen something like it, so I slid the egg inside my jacket in a hidden pocket, and I hoped the creature hadn't seen it.
"Liona, come with me," the creature said. I could tell it was a man by the deepness of the voice. I was so surprised I just nodded my head and followed the fairy back into the forest. He flew down a little used path to a rock formation in the middle of a clearing. He tapped the side of one of the rocks, a little taller than me, three fast times, one slow, two more fast times and the rock slid to the side.
"After you," he graciously said and I timidly entered the rock formation. I almost fell down the stairs which were set right inside the entrance. I instinctively put a hand inside my jacket to protect the egg, the heat once again warming my fingers.
"Be careful now," the fairy said to me as I slowly descended the rock stairs. I clung onto the wall with my free hand, making sure the egg was safe with my other. The stairs were lit with little lanterns hung every couple feet, which gave off a warm yellow glow.
"What are you?" I asked, later realizing I sounded quite rude.
"I am a Perstian," he answered, flying slightly above my head and to my right.
"And your name?"
"Erian," he replied, seeming distracted. I grumbled in annoyance, but continued my way down the stairs in silence, the egg nearly humming with heat.
We finally reached the bottom of the spiral staircase, to a wooden door. A panel slid open at the top, and just like in the movies a man asked, "Password."
Erian flew forward and whispered the password to the man, so quiet I didn't even hear it. The panel slid shut and the door opened, a man about twice my height stood in the doorway.
"Come in." His voice rumbled, shaking the walls and ground around me. I took a step forward through the doorway, and silently gasped at the sight.
Colored jewels glittered the walls of the room, and the room itself was so large I had to crane my neck to see the ceiling. A city seemed to unfold in front of me--not of people but of creatures. Perstians flitted here and there, and giant-like people, like the one at the door, stood in groups, eating and talking. I saw a group of little people, I'd call them gnomes, but I soon found out they had a different name as well. I stood still in the road, trying not to stare at any of the creatures around me. The man at the door chuckled behind me, and I turned to face him. He wore clothes that looked like mining clothes, covered in dirt, but his face and hands were clean.
"Welcome, Liona. Welcome to Skylop." He reached out his hand, and I shook his finger, since I couldn't fit my hand around his.
"How does everyone know my name?" I asked quietly. The man smiled down at me.
"Saorina sent us a message about you, right before she," he paused and I nodded, for it seemed hard for him to say she had died. "You might as well know my name; I am Gafid, gatekeeper of Skylop. Please follow Erian to the castle," he subtly commanded and I turned as Erian began to lead me down the path toward the village.
As we walked, everyone stopped and stared at us, and as soon as we passed, whispers followed us like wolves follow a hare. I slyly took out the egg and held it between my hands; I was afraid of it falling out of my pocket and I couldn't lose it now that it was given to me.
Erian stopped to speak with another group of Perstians, and I stood awkwardly in the middle of the road. A giant came walking down the road with a cart, and I just nearly jumped out of the way in time, before she ran me over.
Erian finished his discussion and came over to me. I asked, "Don't you ever get tired, flying so much?" He nodded and replied, "I'm actually quite tired now, but we must keep moving. She wants to see you at once." He turned and flew away, and I had to hurry to keep up with him.
The dirt road turned into cobblestones as we began to reach the castle--a big stone building stood in the middle of the city, which was not like the huts I had seen on the outskirts near where we had come in.
Erian flew up to the doorway and knocked, and the door was opened by a maid.
"Oh hello Erian, and this must be the famous Liona," she smiled, and I nodded, trying to smile back. "You must be very confused, come in, her ladyship will see you soon." The maid opened the door further and ushered me inside. "My name is Naimo, welcome to Skylop castle."
"Wait, Erian, aren't you coming?" I turned and asked. He slightly bowed and shook his head.
"Not this time, Liona, but you'll see me again," with that he turned and flew off. I sighed and the maid gently pushed me into a bedroom. I slid the egg back into my pocket while Naimo closed the door behind us.
She turned and looked me up and down, all the while shaking her head, "You must clean up before her ladyship can see you."
"I don't have any clothes but these," I looked down at my faded dress and tattered jacket. "I don't feel very presentable to meet a queen." Naimo went to the wardrobe and opened the doors, pulling out a light green silk dress.
"You can wear this," Naimo smiled and laid it on the bed. "Now off to the bath with you," she nudged me toward the bathroom and I walked in, closing the door behind me. I pulled off my clothes, making a little nest with them and carefully set the egg inside it. I turned on the faucet to the tub, adjusting the temperature until it was warm, but not so warm I couldn't stand it. I added some soap, and right before I got into the water, I felt a little tug inside my head; as though something was trying to make a connection with me. I turned to the egg, and I felt the tug again. I went and picked up the egg again, feeling uncomfortable without it and set it in the soap holder next to the bathtub. I slid into the water, trying to scrub off the dried blood I hadn't known was there, probably from Saorina, and the dirt and grime from grasping onto the walls on the stairs down to Skylop.
I accidentally splashed some water onto the egg when I pulled the plug of that bath, and when the water hit it, the egg lit up, glowing purple. I took a step back, but just then the door opened and Naimo poked her head in.
"Liona? Are you finished?" I grabbed the egg, and hid it in my jacket, and replied that I was.
We spent the next half an hour brushing and fixing my hair. The whole time I was fidgety because I didn't have hold of the egg. Naimo had placed my pile of old clothes on the bed and I could feel the tug inside my head even more.
Once the green dress was zipped up, Naimo left the room to go check on the queen and I was able to check on my egg. The light from the egg had dimmed, but it still was lit.
"Oh what I am going to do with you?" There were no pockets in my dress, and I was afraid to leave it alone. "I guess is Saorina sent them a message, it must be about you, so why should I hide you from the queen?" I asked the egg. I picked it up in my hands, the complexity of the purple pattern taking my full attention, so much that I hadn't seen a face at the window, watching me.
Naimo opened the door and I stood, and she gestured me to follow her. I kept the egg in my hands, no longer worried if anyone saw it.
We passed dozens of guards, hurrying about, never pausing to ask who I was or what I was doing there. Naimo stopped in front of a door, which didn't seem significant until she opened it. She pushed me ahead of her and I seemingly walked into a battle meeting.

Chapter Three

"Now that Queen Saorina has been killed, the dragons are in an uproar," a stout man, with glasses that kept falling down on his nose, stated as he pushed them up with his forefinger. He stood at one of the back corners of the table, the hand he wasn't using to push up his glasses resting flat on the table. Another man stood next to the stout one, young looking but determination was present in his eyes. A petite woman stood next to him, seeming to be listening to the conversation more than speaking, taking in the information calmly. A third man, quite tall stood with both his arms spread in a triangle against the table, palms flat, and was studying the map closely. The last person was a woman, tall, and seeming to teem with confidence and leadership.
I heard a rumble in the darkness off to the side and the group of people standing around a table turned to the noise. Out of the darkness came a dragon, crimson in color, and he swung his large head to look at the newcomer, me.
Dark blue eyes bore into mine, but quickly shifted to the glowing purple egg in my hands. The group seemed to finally notice my presence and changed their collective look from the red dragon to me. I felt like shrinking into the corner, but an unexpected question popped from my mouth, "Saorina was a Queen?"
"This must be the girl," the stout man said, practically stating the obvious. The confident woman standing on the opposite side of the table slightly rolls her eyes and smiles at me.
"Welcome Liona," she says and the dragon snakes its head forward to get a better look at the egg and I notice a saddle on its back, the matching the color of its scales. I stand still and look at the eyes that are fastened on the egg.
Since my previous question hadn't been answered, I decided to move on, "I brought the egg to you." I didn't know what they planned to do with it, but I really didn't want to part with it.
"Good, good," the woman says and speaks in a tongue I never heard, "Likesia." The dragon pulls its head back and turns it toward the woman and nods. "I'm sorry for Karosi, he is nosy." She pats the side of the dragon and he hums in return.
"Humans ride dragons?" I put two and two together, and stare at the pair. She chuckles and strides over to me, placing a soft arm across my shoulders and begins guiding to the table. The table was covered with a large map and little figurines glittered the entire table, some holding the corners down and others were stationed on the islands across our 'world'. As we got closer I realized each figurine was a dragon. Reds, greens, blues, yellows, and oranges were the most, a few golds and silvers were scattered. But no purples. I wondered if the egg I was holding would be the same color as the egg, because if it was, it seemed it would be the only one. Why is that? I wondered.
"Yes, humans ride dragons," she smiled, slightly chuckling, and I realized I was smiling back, and that I was beginning to like her. "I am Mariona, leader around these parts. Welcome to Skylop, safe haven for outcasts."
The muscular man to her left smiled down at me from six foot seven, "I am Makai," he said simply, still smiling at me. And the others continued with their names; the quiet woman was named Ania, the young man, Jarnet, and the stout one, Wennin. Jarnet gave me a smile that slightly warmed my insides and sped up the beat of my heart, but developing a new crush wasn't on my to-do list, so I dropped the feeling.
I felt the mind tug once again, and I shook my head to get rid of it--other things needed my attention at the moment.
"You asked if Saorina was a queen," Mariona paused, waiting for my reaction and I nodded, and she continued, "yes, she was. The Queen of all dragons."
"Oh," was all I could say.
I watched the Queen of all dragons die and did nothing to save her! I thought. Karosi brought his head closer to the table and looked over the figurines. He nosed a silver dragon that is alone on a mountain and Mariona nods.
"The silver dragon Karosi gestured to, is the King. His name is Latumo. Saorina was the heir, and she chose Latumo as her mate. You are holding the firstborn child of the King and Queen, meaning once he, or she, matures, it will take over as the ruler of dragons." She cocks her head and stares at me, seeming to want a reaction. I quickly place the egg on the table and step away.
"I brought it to you, so there you have it," I turned to leave, but cringed as Mariona calls me back.
"I wasn't quite finished yet, Liona," she smiles and I nod with my eyes focused on the table, embarrassed. "I'm not sure if you know much about dragons, do you?"
Everyone looks expectantly at me, and I feel my face flush, "No, I don't know much. My family are dragon hunters." A small collected gasp rises and smoke curls from Karosi's snout. Mariona looked surprised and I quickly find out why.
"Is that how you came across Saorina?" She asked.
I shake my head quickly, "Oh no, I heard her cries from my home. I haven't received my winged unicorn yet, so I'm not allowed to go with the rest of my family. Saorina was shot down by another group I haven't seen before. Three not-so-nice-looking men. Two of their names I believe were Moki and Seath?" I end in a question and Mariona nods, which I take as her knowing who they are. "They had large swords and bows and arrows, and the leader, Moki said 'We've finally got you,' or something like that."
Makai utters a growl, and Jarnet's glint of determination became a look of hatred. Mariona sends them a look and they settle down. I begin to squirm uncomfortably under all the hot stares. Mariona notices and smiles at me which succeeds in calming me down.
"Would you like to get some rest and then continue this discussion tomorrow?" She asked politely. I nod, thankful for any way to get out of there.
She glides her hand over my shoulders and begins to lead me out of the room but not before as a stabbing pain erupts in my head. I sink to my knees, my hands grasping the sides of my head, not hearing the worried cries of the people around me, for all I could concentrate on is the terrible pain. My eyes squeeze shut and all at once the pain disappears and before I faint, I hear a large crack.

Chapter Four

I wake up in the same room where I changed into the dress I wore to meet Mariona, this time wrapped up in a robe and under the covers of the canopy bed. Naimo sits in a rocking chair next to the bed, her knitting almost falling out of her fingers as she softly snores. I smile to myself and quietly get out of bed, then walk over to the window. I see that it's nighttime, and all the store lights and outdoor lights have dimmed, and only a guard seems to be walking about. I'm not quite sure of the time, since I cannot find a clock visible in the room.
"Oh," I whisper-gasp as I remember what had happened before I awoke in this room. "What was that large crack?" I muse to myself as I climb back into the bed, knowing full and well Naimo will wake me up at the correct time in the morning. As sleep begins to overtake me again, I nestle under the warm covers and blink my eyelids, I could've sworn I saw a face appear in the window. But it disappeared as quickly as it came, so I put it aside to my vivid imagination and drift off into my dreams.
As I thought, Naimo wakes me up in the morning, asking me if I feel alright, which I do.
"I feel better than alright, I feel great!" I answer and she smiles at me in a knowing fashion. I wonder what that was about.
She lays a new outfit on the bed, this one definitely looks more comfortable than the dress; riding slacks and a loose white button-up shirt with long flowy sleeves. I pull on the clothes, nearly bouncing with anticipation, but why?
Naimo finally lets me go, after brushing out my tangles from the night, and tying my hair back into a braid, adding a purple ribbon at the bottom. It doesn't match my outfit, so I am a little surprised, but I forget about it quickly when she stands back and looks at me admiringly, then turns and opens the door. Mariona walks in and I turn from the vanity to face her. She is grinning, almost insane-like, at me as she grabs my arm and drags me behind her out of the bedroom and down the hall. We make a couple different twists and turns, and with every step I can feel joy just bubbling up inside me, and a slight worry as well.
What if he doesn't accept me? I think and then almost jump in surprise. Where did that come from? And just then I get another thought, not of my own, pop into my head.
What if she doesn't accept me?
I try and figure out who it might be, speaking to me this way. I know it isn't Mariona, she is standing right next to me, so why would she have to speak through the mind, when she can just ask? Then I start thinking of the "he's" I know. Makai, Wennin.....Jarnet. I catch myself daydreaming about his dreamy brown eyes, but I know this isn't him.
Who else could it be?
We stop in front of a plain looking door and Mariona glances at me and smiles again.
I have a feeling I am about to find out.
Mariona throws open the door and I crane my neck up to see dragons sitting on balconies of all levels all around the circular arena. Their humans sat either on them or right next to them on the ground. I can see their attention had been focused on the center where a small platform is stationed, and where the purple egg resting in a clear bowl filled with fluffy white pillows. As I said their attention had been on the egg, but as soon as Mariona opened the door and thrusted me into the room, all the attention is now on me. What was a quiet room, erupted in whispers, and then in cheers; whooping from the humans and rumbling from the dragons which caused the ground to begin to shake, much like a little earthquake. Mariona pushes me right to the center where the egg is sitting; I keep my eyes pointed at my feet the whole time, embarrassed at all the attention. As we approach the egg, I begin to hear thoughts that are not my own.
Should I come out yet? No, I can feel her presence, but she has to touch me first. I can't have the wrong person pick me up, I have to be bonded with her, and no one else.
Oh, I do so hope she accepts me.
Something clicks within me. The voice I had been hearing had come from the egg. And as we got closer I see a perfectly straight crack running vertically down the side of the egg. No normal jagged lines from normal cracked eggs. But I guess a dragon egg isn't normal.
Mariona gestures to the platform, and helps me get on to it. The cheering has died away, leaving only one hundred plus pairs of eyes staring silently at me.
I look down at Mariona and whisper, "What am I supposed to do?"
She chuckles as me, the insane grin still apparent on her face, "Hold it in your hands."
I pick up the egg, careful to not open it, since now I can see the perfectly straight line runs vertically, circumnavigating the egg. It hums in my hands, vibrating, then stops humming and vibrating all at once, and begins to glow like it had when I placed it in the water. The purple light gets brighter and brighter, and even though I know I should look away to save my eyesight, I don't.
I see images flash in the light; one of Saorina and a silver dragon, whom I presume is her mate, Latumo, and they're watching over the egg together like any proud parents. Another where Saorina is flying, frightened, as three angry voices can be heard pursing her. I see arrows shot as she clenches the egg closer to her body, and flies erratically to get away from the arrows, but the voices know she's vulnerable because of the egg. Instead of shooting at her, they begin targeting the egg, and her motherly instincts take over, and she wraps her wings around her talons, and begins plummeting toward the ground, in a final desperate attempt to get away from the hunters. At the last second she spreads her wings and catches a wind gust, since now she is far away from the hunters, but it's too late. Her wings are peppered with holes from the arrows and more arrows are protruding from her stomach tissue. She drops to a clearing in the forest, and I can see her cry out for help, now understanding the rumbles were not meant for me, but for other dragons. Then I see myself rush into the clearing, and the visions stop; I knew what had happened after that, and I would never allow myself to forget.
The light flashes out and I blink at the sudden loss of light. The visions were so real, I could feel the love and the fear and the desperation, and my original feeling of duty to protect the egg returns.
I won't be an egg for much longer.
I smile to the egg, but it disappears into a jaw dropped mouth when the egg hisses open and a little dragon pops its head out. The egg disintegrates in a puff of smoke but the little purple dragon remains, sitting in my hands.
"I told you I wouldn't be an egg for much longer." It's says to me, smugly.
"Wait, now you can talk? You don't just use thoughts?" I ask surprised and it chuckles.
"We dragons can do both, but when we speak out loud, we actually speak in a different tongue." It answers.
"Then how do I understand it?"
"Because now we are bonded, Liona. You are my human, and I am your dragon." It says to me, very seriously.
I don't have a reaction other than just watching the small dragon resting in my hands, its big purple eyes staring up at my face.
"What's it's name?" I hear someone yell from up in the levels, and a whole bunch of people join in chanting, "What's it's name? What's it's name?"
"What is your name?" I ask and it chuckles.
"I don't have one yet, you are supposed to give me one," it pauses, "and just so you know, I'm a male."
I chuckle and nod, beginning to think while the chanting and staring continues all around me.
"The insight from your images gave me doubt in my family's business. You have shown me the light, so how about Lux? It means light." I whisper to my dragon. He nods and vibrates, which I guess is the dragon version of purring.
Lux throws out a thought to everyone in the large room, "My name is Lux." And all at once the dragons bow down to him, even the ones in the very top level.
"Why are they doing that?" I ask Lux and he looks up at me.
"It's because now that I have announced my name, I am officially the new King of all dragons, as well as the first one in a couple thousand years to have chosen a human to bond with."
And once again, I sit speechless as I look around and see all of the humans bowing down to us as well.
Mariona glances up from her bowed position and sees my shocked face, and chuckles at me again, "Don't worry, things will go back just to the way they were in no time."

Chapter Five

Contrary to what Mariona said, things did not go back to the way they were.
I walk by the various races living within Skylop, I would receive stares followed by whispers, or, more uncomfortable for me, bowing. I had little tokens given to me by everyone; everyone wanted to say they had given me something. I had little figurines of the different races, flowers and jewels. Scarves, and pens and even a saddle for Lux when he gets older. Mariona had to give me another room to keep my gifts in, because my own room became overflowed and it drove Naimo nearly mad.
I also found out that I would soon be attending Argonite, the remote school in the mountains for dragons and their riders. Apparently, it was imperative that I attend, since Lux is to rule with me by his side. I had much more to learn than the average student, but I'm more than excited to meet other kids my age with dragons of their own.
For the first time since this ordeal started, I begin to think of my family.
"Mariona, what do I do about my family?" I ask her quietly. She seems confused for a second, but then realizes what I mean.
"You mean about the fact they are dragon hunters?" She replies, and I nod. She sighs, "I'm not sure, we have never been faced with this problem before." She sees my hurt look when she says "problem", and quickly corrects herself, "I mean situation, before."
"It's alright, Liona, I chose you, not your family," Lux says to me sensing my worry. I absentmindedly scratch behind his horns and he vibrates in my lap.
"But what do I tell them? I've already been gone for awhile, how long exactly?" I turn to Mariona and she tells me it's been four days. "They've probably gotten home from their expedition already, and are beyond worried about me. And now I'm headed off to dragon school, how do I explain that?"
"I think the best decision would be for you to write it to them," Mariona says. "At this point in time, telling them in person is not safe for you, or for Lux."
"I agree," I say reluctantly. "I do wish I could see them and say goodbye, but I understand the danger." Mariona nods at my answer and stand to leave.
"I'll leave you to writing it then," she closes the bedroom door behind her and I sigh, leaning farther into the couch. Lux chuckles and hops down off my lap to the floor and waddles over to the desk, where stationary and written utensils are sitting neatly. He wiggles his body and gets ready to jump, trying to flap his wings. He crouches down and pushes off with his back feet, pumping his wings and clawing at the table. I wait for a moment to allow him to try, then stand up and use my hand to scoop him onto the table.
"I had it you know," he huffs and a tiny curl of smoke comes from his nostrils. I hum in fake agreement, then settle at the desk to write my explanation letter to my parents.
After fourteen failed attempts and a painful hand cramp, I finally finish the letter and seal it with purple wax and seal stamp of a dragon I was given by a Flaski merchant (the Flaskis are the gnome-like people). He was quite kind, telling me how magnificent I will be when Lux rules. He also gave me a purple crystal that hangs from a chain so I can wear it around my neck, which I do so every day.
Naimo has grown to be my second mother, she helps me with dressing and eating, even giving me tidbits about the different races.
I have learned that families of Flaskis live in the same house for generations. Since the average age Flaskis live is 120 years, there can be six generations living in a household at once. But, Flaskis are only physical able to have two children, so it isn't overly crowded. They make their living trading and selling the food they grow themselves and raising pigs and chickens.
Perstians on the other hand, live separately, with, at most, two Perstians in one home. Their houses are built within trees and shrubs. They make their living delivering messages for the humans, Gladens, Flaskis, and dragons. They can fly large distances in a few minutes--flying so fast the human eye cannot make them out.
Gladens, the giants, are the hardworking bunch. Most males and females work in the mines, mining for coal and jewels. The coal is burnt in homes to keep the inhabitants warm. They turn the jewels into jewelry and send them with human merchants to sell across the land. Their craftsmanship is highly convened, some of their jewelry is wore by the kings and queens of the land. It surprised me that their huge hands could make such delicate and beautiful jewelry.
I finish writing the facts I learned in a leather-bound notebook I was given and snap it closed and give Lux a scratch, watching his whiskers quiver in delight. I put my notebook in my new bag and Lux jumps into the pocket made for him.
"You ready to go to Argonite?" Lux asks. I nod and we head out to Karosi where Mariona is waiting for us. We step out of the building and cheers erupt. It seems the entire population of Skylop came to see us off. I awkwardly wave and a small burst of fire comes out of Lux's mouth, something all dragons cannot do until a year old, except for the King of dragons that is.
"Show off," I grumble and he chuckles in return, sparking another small flame from his mouth.
Karosi spoke, "Let us not be late for your check-in, little ones." I am shocked until I remember that I speak the language now. Mariona helps me into the saddle and swings up behind me, in front of my new trunk full of my new belongings and a few of my favorite gifts. I wave to the crowd one more time and brace myself for my first dragon ride. Karosi begins to pump his wings, moving the crowd back with the wind he created. He crouches and pushes off, his wings pumping and beings circling to the tiptop of Skylop. I'm holding onto the saddle tightly but the thrill is exhilarating.
To Argonite we go.

Chapter Six

We burst through the hole in the mountain into the rising sun. I am blinded for a second, taking one of my hands off from griping the saddle to shield my eyes. Lux does the same, using his tail. I realize this is his first time seeing the sun since he was born, so I pull him out off the bag and sit him on my right shoulder. He wraps his tail around my neck for balance but I can tell he loves the wind and sun in his face.
"I am excited to be able to fly on my own with you," he says to me and I smile, looking over the land. I see an almost never-ending forest and flowing blue rivers, with village clusters and bustling cities. One day, Lux and I will be doing this together, flying over the world. I close my eyes and picture us in the future and I smile again. During my daydream I hear Karosi say something, but the words don't register in my mind until I hear Mariona yell,
"Hold on tight, Liona!" her voice doesn't seem excited, but worried. Suddenly an arrow shoots past my left shoulder, grazing it and I clench my teeth in pain. I grab Lux and put him back in my bag, and he crouches down. Karosi dives down and I clench the saddle again, growling when pain from the arrow shoots through my arm. I hear whooping and yelling above us, and can hear them getting closer. Karosi flips side to side to avoid more arrows and when he levels out, I take a glance back at the attackers and my eyes widen at the sight.
"Mariona!" I yell over the wind and she looks at me expectantly. "That's my family!" She curses and lowers the bow she was holding to return fire. The five winged horses following us, holding my family members, are beginning to catch up. Karosi is tiring, not used to the extra weight and needing to swerve to survive. He tilts up and I make eye contact with my father and his expression changes from determined to shocked. From that look I assume he hasn't received my letter yet. He sees me holding my shoulder and grimaces. He holds his hand up and the shooting stops as well as the advancement of the winged horses. As he hovers his eyes never leave mine and I can tell he is supremely confused, but for now, we are safe.
I am wary the rest of the trip, constantly glancing over my shoulder. Mariona has given me a scarf to tie around my bleeding arm, because when I was able to examine it, the scratch is more along the lines of a deep cut, and is bleeding profusely. Karosi flies higher to catch a tailwind, so he doesn't have to do much work; he is already weary from the run-in with the dragon hunters. I continue to gaze around, but all I see are white clouds. Lux and I make a game of telling each other what we see within the shapes of the clouds. He spotted a three headed Perstian riding on a carriage pulled by a dog with wings, but I saw a winged unicorn walking next to a large ball with a small dragon sitting on it. Funny how our imagination can differ.
Karosi drops from the tailwind and I soon see why. Argonite comes into view a second later and I gasp. Set high in the mountains, surrounded by the forest, a ginormous brick building stands strong and proud. The white exterior contracts with the multitude of colored dragons of all sizes scattered throughout the grounds. Ant-people tend to their dragons or run around the ground with their friends. Hopefully I will be doing the same soon.
As we begin to descend closer to the ground, my nerves kick-in and I become self-conscious, touching my hair and my clothing, straightening it. Karosi lands and Mariona hops off, and gestures for me to do the same. I bring both my legs to one side and slide down. I tried to be graceful but I ended up getting my foot caught on Karosi's knee and fell to the ground face first with my hurt arm underneath me.
"Great first impression, Liona," I say to myself and gather myself up, standing with Mariona's help, who I can tell is trying not to laugh. I throw her a look and she smiles back brightly, innocently. I roll my eyes and pull my trunk from Karosi's back, to which Mariona says she will carry, and slings it onto her shoulder.
"Good luck, little ones," Karosi says before headed towards what I believe to be the 'stable' for the dragons. Mariona takes the lead and I follow her, staring at her back and nothing else. Luckily, no one pays much attention to me, assuming I'm just another student, so I begin to relax and study my surroundings. We already have entered the main building, which had a grand entrance with two curved staircases along the sides of the room. The floor is tiled with white marble, but the stairs are covered in a thick maroon rug. Mariona takes the left stairs and I follow, ogling at the large crystal chandelier hanging between the stairways. The banister is painted black wood with a curled rod iron design between the banister and the stairs. People are milling about, and I clasp my arm with my hand when the blood drips down to the rug. A boy notices my terrified glance and sidles to my side, "Don't worry, that's why the rug is maroon." I nod, but clench my arm tighter, still not wanted to drop any more blood. "You must be new?" He poses as a question and I nod again before Mariona calls my name to catch up with her.
"Sorry, I need to go. Thanks for the tip about the carpet," I smile and he smiles back and waves as I walk quickly to reach Mariona.
She has stopped in front of two large black doors and gestures to a chair, "You should sit, you're starting to look pale." I sit and Lux peeks his head out of my bag. I let him climb onto my good shoulder and sit back, waiting for whoever I am to meet.
Suddenly, the door bursts open and yelling ensues, "Don't say I didn't warn you!" A tall man with a gray stubble beard and mustache slams the door behind him and takes off walking, muttering and swerving through the hall, almost running into multiple groups of people and not apologizing.
"Well that was interesting," Lux says sarcastically and Mariona chuckles and knocks on the door.
"Come in," a voice calls and I stand with Mariona and enter the room behind her. "Ahhh, if it isn't the new King and his rider." A man stands from behind a desk and reaches out his hand for me to shake. I show him my bloodied hand and he chuckles, "Guess we won't shake hands today then, some other time, yes?" He asses my shoulder and calls for the nurse when he asks if I need one. I look to Mariona after the nurse arrives, giving me a basic wrap after cleaning the wound and a couple of pain meds, and Mariona begins the conversation with the man for me.
"This is Liona Destiny, the one I spoke to you about, Leon," Mariona says and he nods. Mariona continues, "Normally you know I wouldn't bring a rider in the middle of a term, but considering who she is to the future of dragons, I believed you would make an exception."
"She will need to catch up on all she has missed," Leon replies and I nod.
"I am ready to do that, sir," I say and scratch Lux. He finally seems to realize Lux is on my shoulder and gestures to him.
"May I speak with him?" He asks me and I chuckle.
"You do not need to ask me, ask him." Leon chuckles at my remark and redirects his question to Lux, who asks me to place him on the desk. I gladly do and step away. Leon bows his head in respect and Lux does the same.
"It is wonderful to meet you, Your Highness. Your mother was a good Queen, I expect nothing less from you," Leon says and Lux dips his head.
"I am ready to learn as much as Liona is, I know more basics than most newly born dragons, but not much about how to rule." Lux replies, and Leon nods, happy with the answer.
"You two will learn much, but there is not much we know of the Purple Dragon. All we have is the legend, and we don't know if that is completely accurate."
"Legend?" Lux and I both ask, confused. I am glad I am not the only one unaware of the legend.
"You will learn soon, but it is not my place to tell you," Leon says and I inwardly groan not liking that the bait was put out there and I am not allowed to grab it. "For now, I will have Donovan give you the tour, and Kelsey will take your things to your room, which you will be sharing with her."
I smile at Kelsey, who is through the door first and she grins back at me. Her makeup and hair are done to perfection, and she comes over to give me a hug.
"I am so excited to finally have a roommate! Well, suitemate, we each get our own bedroom and bathroom but have a shared living space! We have lots of books and a study area and--" she gets cut off by Donovan, who happens to be the boy I met earlier.
"She'll understand when she sees it , Kels," he messes her hair and she grumbles, patting it down. She grabs my trunk and puts it onto a cart with wheels.
"Don't let him bore you too much!" She calls as she walks out the door and leaves my sight. I turn back to Donovan and he smiles, running a hand through his dark brown hair.
"You ready?" He asks me and I nod after letting Lux climb up my arm to my shoulder. He does a double-take at Lux and bows his head, "I am sorry, Your Highness, I did not realize it was you and your rider."
"Please don't act like that, just call me Lux," Lux says in return and Donovan nods his head uncertainly.
"Let us begin with the tour then," Donovan says and I follow him out the door. I take one last look at Mariona and Leon as the door closes behind me.

Chapter Seven

Donovan begins walking at a leisurely pace, allowing me to drink in the architecture. He points to three large paintings and explains that the three members painted are the founders of Argonite.
"The first man, the one with the blue robes and blue dragon, was named Charles Forthwright. He was said to be the one to bring dragons and humans together, when the hunts began. Combined with determination and patience, he worked with Halgen, his dragon, from the time Halgen was born. It is said that Halgen's parents were killed by hunters and Charles had a soft spot for animals, and felt a bond with Halgen. Charles believed he was the only one to ride a dragon, that is until Eleanor came along. You'll hear about her last," he pauses and winks at me causing me to roll my eyes. Halgen's head in the painting is resting calmly at Charles' feet, her gaze pointed forward with quiet intelligence. We continue on and stop underneath the second painting, one of another man, this time is red robes with a fiery red dragon head peering over his shoulder with sparkling black eyes.
"This is Helix Rutherford, a man of strength and willpower. He is said have befriended Larix, the red dragon you see behind him, in the most unusual way. Larix had grown to full size, even understanding English, and he was wanted by many hunters who wished to say they had captured the famous Red, as they called him. Helix had been hunter, and, when separated from his group, stumbled upon the home of Larix, a cave nestled deep within the forest. The two fought for hours until Larix supposedly held up a claw and stopped the fight and invited Helix in, in perfect English, saying he admired the man's strength. Within one afternoon, Helix gave up hunting and Larix accepted him as his rider and together they fought to change hunter's minds, but sadly, it didn't do much good. Eleanor swooped in when the two of them had been cornered when they were vulnerable and she saved them."
By now, my interest in this woman had increased to the point where I was slightly bouncing on my toes when we walked to the third and final painting of a woman with purple robes billowing around her, a halo of purple larkspur sitting on a mess of blonde locks with her hands reaching toward the clouds. A purple dragon with its wings spread wide and mouth pointed in the air, spewing fire into a dark sky. By far, this painting exceeded the artistry of the rest, the attention to detail so meticulous, every scale on the dragon was outlined. Donovan smirks at my awed expression and begins her tale.
"This is Eleanor, last name unknown. She is known as the first dragon rider, and her dragon's name was Lilac, the last known purple dragon," he looks pointedly at me and I avoid his eyes knowing he is referring to Lux. "The power she held is also unknown, but she was able to find both Charles and Helix, and bring them to this secluded mountaintop castle where the three traded what they had learned and decided to open this school, Argonite. It started as a safe haven for those who believed what the hunters were doing was wrong, but soon expanded to allow those who wished to learn about dragons themselves. Everyone who attends school here is bonded with a dragon, it is said the three founders, with the combined help of their dragons, were able to cast a spell to help those who steps foot on the grounds find his or her matched dragon. Sometimes someone finds his or her match before attending the academy, such as in your case, but it is unusual. Not everyone meets his or her match as soon as they arrive here--sometimes it takes years until the dragon is born. During this time, the students learn how to take care of the dragon through our training dragons here on staff." He smiles and continues his leisurely pace down the hall, though I am stuck staring at Eleanor.
"Hey, you coming, Lia?" Donovan calls over his shoulder and I turn and quirk an eyebrow at him.
"Lia?" I ask and he shrugs, gesturing for me to catch up to him.
"Everyone of my friends gets a nickname, do you mind it?"
I shake my head and he smiles broadly, "There is much more to see, Lia. Much more!"
We had seen the classrooms and the training area (which Donovan didn't tell me what we were training for), the armory, the cafeteria, and now we are headed to the hatchery, where most dragons wait in their eggs until their rider comes to the school. Lux is quite excited as well, to see more of his kin, even if only in egg form. Donovan has us step outside into the sun and we walk to a wooden door next to the dome I had seen when we flew in. Donovan opens the door and lets me inside in front of him. The light is low--it takes a minute for my eyes to adjust, but Lux had jumped off my shoulder as soon as we entered. When I can finally see, I realize Lux had jumped from my arm to a table in front of us, where eggs of all sizes and colors sit in individual nests of straw. Lux circles around each of them pausing to put his forehead on a few and closing his eyes.
"What's he doing?" Donovan whispers, and I shrug.
"I think he's communicating with the dragons, he is the King," I chuckle and Donovan smiles.
"Do you want to meet Amari?"
"Is that your dragon?" I ask and he nods. "I think Lux wants to stay here, but I'll definitely come to meet her."
Donovan opens the door for me and we head to the stable, leaving Lux to talk with the before-hatched dragons. We walk a few steps to the dome and enter. My breath is taken away from the shear amount of dragons inside. Donovan explains that the dome can be opened to allow sunlight in, but currently it is closed due to erratic weather patterns. Each dragon has its own cave within the walls of the dome, each complete with a bed of straw, feed and water bowls, a large blanket, and a small bed if the dragon's rider wishes to spend the night with his or her dragon. Donovan heads straight across the dome and up two flights of stairs to the third level of caves. He explains how the habitats work as I follow him.
"When a dragon is born, it lives in the room with you until it is about the size of a large dog, then it moves to the first level," he gestures to the lower level as we climb up the steps. "This is where it lives for a year, then moves up to the second level, for the second year and it continues on until the sixth year, where normally the student graduates and begins his or her journey to bring awareness to people of dragons, in whichever way he or she learned while studying here." He stops at the third level and crosses in front of two caves before stopping before the third. A gust of wind blows his hair out of place and he laughs before turning to me.
"Liona, I want you to meet Amari," he steps and a yellow snout pokes out of the cave before the entire head appears. I step closer as she studies me with her eyes as I study her. She has the colors of the sunset; her body is mostly yellow, but tints of orange and red grace her ears, wings, and tail. She blows air out of her nose and blows my hair back and I laugh. She chuckles back and pulls her head away from me, "I like this one, Donovan. Much better than those other girls you bring around, she has a sense of humor!" I raise an eyebrow at Donovan and he scratches the back of his neck and red tints his cheeks.
"Anyways," he continues and Amari backs into the cave. "Do you want to come in and talk with us for awhile? Kelsey can wait," he smiles and Amari looks at me expectantly.
"Sure, but let me get Lux, I think he would like to see this place," I say and Amari stares for a second.
"Lux, as in King Lux?" She asks, her eyes widening. I nod and she intakes a breath before she bows to me.
"Lady Liona, I did not realize it was you," she apologizes. I wave her off and say that she doesn't need to use formalities, especially since I believed the four of us would be great friends.
"Let me get Lux and I'll be right back, alright?" I say and Donovan nods, allowing himself to get comfortable and Amari lays down, resting her head next to him. He starts to pet her as I walk away, the walls of the caves obscuring them from my view.
I reenter the hatchery and I see Lux has curled around a blue and white swirled egg. The egg sits close to the back of the hatchery and I walk up to it and look down at Lux. He looks up at me with sleepy but happy eyes.
"Liona, I found her. I found my sister."

Chapter Eight

“Sister?” I ask, surprised. He uncurls himself and waddles over to me, falling into my outstretched palms. “If she is your sister, when was she born? And shouldn’t she be Queen? And how did she end up here?” I spew questions out as I lean against the wall and slide to the floor. Lux nuzzles my hand and curls up to get more comfortable in my lap.
“I guess I should begin at the beginning,” he winks and I roll my eyes at his cheesy line.
“When my mother became pregnant with me, I wasn’t the only egg she had. I had a twin,” he gestures with his head to the blue and white egg he had been previously curled around. “It’s very unusual for a dragon to have two offspring at the same time, so once my mother had me, she wasn’t expecting another egg. She went about her daily business since pregnancy isn’t a big deal for dragons. A few hours later my sister came out by surprise. Since I am the older twin, I gained the birthright, but I would love to rule with my sister by my side.” He glances lovingly over at the egg and I smile softly at him before looking up at the egg.
“Is she upset that she doesn’t have the birthright?”
“You’d think so, but she’s very shy and not willing to put herself out there like that, she’s content in being in the background,” Lux answers.
“So, kind of like me,” I mumble and Lux chuckles.
“Yes, but I know you can handle it. That’s why I chose you, remember?”
“Yeah, yeah, whatever you say,” I pause, my thoughts whirling. “Can dragon eggs tell if their person is near?” I ask curiously.
“Yes,” Lux answers and looks at his sister’s egg. “I knew I was bonded to you before my mother gave me to you. That’s why she was alright with you taking me, because I told her it was alright.”
I smile and scratch the area where his wing attached his body and he squirms in pleasure, “So does your sister feel as though her match is here inside the school?”
He cocks his head, his eyes losing focus before returning to their clear purple, “Her human is not here, but she does know who it is. She doesn’t wish to tell me though.” He sighs like a human, a curl of smoke exiting his nostrils.
“Look at you, you’re beginning to make fire,” I laugh and he flicks his tail and adjusts his posture to sit proudly. “Oh, I forgot! I was supposed to bring you to meet Amari, Donovan’s dragon. She’s…”
Lux interrupts me, “a yellow dragon with tinges of orange and yellow, and is a Year 3.”
“Woah,” I say and I stand up, placing Lux on my shoulder as we leave the hatchery. “How did you know that?” He tickles my face with his tail and replies that he knows every dragon, born or in an egg.
“Just another perk of being King, I guess,” he teases and I chuckle as I climb the stairs to return to the cave where I had left the dragon and rider. As I approached, I heard mumbling and then it ceased as my footsteps were heard. I peeked my head around the corner and saw Amari laying on her side while Donovan scratched her belly.
“Hey, I’m back,” Donovan turns and smiles and I come around the corner. Amari takes one look at Lux and jumps from her resting position to bow towards him.
“King Lux, it’s an honor,” Amari says keeping her eyes focused on the ground.
“Please, no formalities, we’re at Aragonite together, to learn and grow,” Lux says and Amari straightens up, but still seems a little nervous.
“What took you so long, Lia?” Donovan bumps my side and I attempt to mind-link Lux to ask if it’s alright to say.
Not quite, she’s not ready. I get the answer quickly and mentally high-five myself. Yes, you did a good job. I redden at his understanding and return my attention to Donovan.
“I slightly lost my way, and then got fascinated by all the intricate eggs. Remember, this is my first time around dragons,” I laugh to cover up my lie and Donovan laughs along with me. Lux and Amari seem to be having their own conversation when she chuckles as well.
“Are you hungry?” Donovan asks and my stomach rumbles as my answer. I blush again, and he leads the way to the dining hall.
“We’ll come back another time, Amari,” I say and she lowers her nose for me to scratch as a goodbye. Donovan gives her a quick hug and we wave as we walk away. I have a general memory of where the cafeteria was from the tour earlier, but quickly realize I will have to work hard to remember where everything is when Donovan takes a turn I didn’t know we had to take.
“We’ll meet up with Kelsey when we get there, so you can get to know each other,” Donovan says as we stroll at a leisurely pace.
“What is she and her dragon like?” I ask, figuring from their earlier interaction that they were already friends.
“She has a dark blue female dragon named Glacia, and the both of them are sweet, exciting, and loving. I think you’ll get along great,” he smiles at me and I shake my head.
“Don’t worry, I don’t think we’re going to have a problem, she seems great.”
“Oh my gosh, there you guys are! I thought maybe a dragon ate you!” Kelsey pops out of nowhere and lightly hits Donovan’s arm. “Stop keeping my roomie from me!” Donovan fake rubs his arm in pain and Kelsey focuses her attention on me, “I can’t wait to get to know you Liona, and you as well, King Lux.”
“He doesn’t like formalities, just call him Lux,” I say for him and he nods and Kelsey smiles.
“Great! Let’s get some food then,” she threads her arm through mine and Donovan’s and pulls us along.
“Is she always this peppy?” I tease and look at Donovan.
“Yep,” he replies with a grin and Kelsey rolls her eyes.
“Oh, come on, you love me,” she pinches his cheeks and Kelsey and I laugh and Donovan swats her hand away. Lux watches on with amusement as we reach the cafeteria. The cafeteria is set up where I can choose what type of food I feel like, and get that type of food. I must get a protein, a grain and fruits and vegetables, and we are allowed dessert if we would like. For my first meal, I got pasta with marinara sauce with spicy sausage and broccoli, and gave little pieces of the sausage to Lux.
“I just thought of something,” I say and Donovan and Kelsey focus their attention on me. “Why does it seem like all riders are humans? What about the Flaskis and the Gladens?”
“Well, the Gladens are quite large,” Donovan starts out. “Even though the dragons get large enough for them to ride them, it takes the dragons longer to be the size for them to begin riding them, and that sort of damages the connection between the dragon and the rider, since they can’t begin riding them earlier on. The Flaskis enjoy a much simpler life, so they don’t necessarily want to ride dragons and fight and such.”
“About that,” I begin, “What exactly are we fighting?” Kelsey and Donovan exchange looks with Kelsey glaring at him.
“Nothing currently,” Kelsey says evading the question. “Did Donovan tell you about the founding of Argonite?” I nod, annoyed they didn’t answer, but decide to go another route.
“What is the Legend about the Purple Dragon?” I ask, as Lux looks up, suddenly interested in our conversation. I take it as he doesn’t know either. Another look between the two of them is exchanged and Donovan raises an eyebrow at Kelsey. She sighs and he smiles in triumph, his eyes lighting up in excitement.
“I’ll tell you the Legend, but you can’t tell anyone you know it, alright?” Donovan grins and I nod, along with Lux, both of us leaning forward.

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