K - King's Yellow

bigbang, kings, and mine image flowers, instagram, and look image fashion and melanin image king, Queen, and halsey image

H - Hot Pink

girly, heart, and hearts image Hot and pink image pink, aesthetic, and heart image pink, wallpaper, and background image

A - Apricot

flowers, theme, and orange image goals, nails, and cute image orange, shoes, and bag image eyes, face, and orange image

D - Dark Red

neon, light, and red image red, grunge, and aesthetic image drink, red, and summer image red, ice cream, and food image

E - Emerald

green, velvet, and dress image crystal, stone, and emerald image emerald and green image dress, fashion, and green image

E - Eggplant

purple, hands, and aesthetic image aesthetic, violet, and aesthetics image hair, purple, and straight image purple, light, and night image

N - Neutral Gray

grey, silver, and water image gray, grey, and silver image concrete, stairway, and stairwell image galaxy, gray, and grey image