1. I live in New Zealand.

2. I have a different last name to my mum, because she kept her maiden name.

3. When I'm older I want to write a book.

4. My favourite youtuber is Kalyn Nicholson.

5. I love Netflix.

6. I have a Dog called Talulah.

7. My favourite movie is The Greatest Showman.

8. I'm sort of addicted to Youtube.

9. When I was little I absolutely LOVED Barbie movies.(Sometimes I just want to rewatch them to get that nostalgia kind of vibe.

10. I have anxiety.

11. I hope that someday at least one person will look up to and see me as a hero.

12. When I write stories I imagine exactly how it would be as a movie.

13. I am around 5'5.

14. My birthday is on April 13th.

15. I am 13 yrs old.

16. I have 2 older sisters.

17. My sign is Aries.

18. I'm a sucker for romantic poems.

19. I love Zac Efron.

20. I enjoy writing and consider it as a hobby.

21. Music keeps me sane.

22. Making others smile/laugh completes my day.

23. I love tea.

24. My favourite holiday is Christmas.

25. I'm a hopeless romantic.

26. My Hogwarts house is Slytherin.

27. I do a lot of photography.

28. I would love to be able to inspire other people.

29. I love travelling and wish one day I can travel around the world.

30. Cats are my favourite pets.

31. I love animals!

32. I can play the piano.

33. I love fashion.

34. I am single.

35. I am allergic to fake people.

36. I love books & movies.

37. I love staring at moon & stars.

38. I love cooking and baking.

39. I love fruit.

40. I like editing my pics.