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I saw this article where she says who are her favorite anime boys. Her list are also my favorite, so I decided to do my otp. Like I think some guys deserve to be with their crush. I'm skipping the most popular otp. Anyway let's see the list:

1.) Slaine x Asseylum

aldnoah zero, slaine, and asseylum image Image by Lucy slaine, aldnoah zero, and asseylum image anime, cry, and manga image
Aldnoah Zero

The ending screwed me up, even though it was an arranged marriage that was already set up. Slaine has always love her and they are cute together. Asseylum do have interest in Slaine... and Inaho. But Slaine will do anything for her, even (kinda) bringing her back to life

2.) Syaoran x Sakura

clamp, sakura, and syaoran image gif, shoran, and anime image anime, love, and sakura image anime, manga, and sakura image
Cardcaptor Sakura / Tsubasa Chronicle

Literally. They are the cutest and I'm happy they are an official couple. It is sort of weird that they are a couple just because how they act around each other. They are the ultimate ship in CLAMP

3.) Gilbert x Violet

anime, violet evergarden, and article image Abusive image violet evergarden image gif image
Violet Evergarden

New Anime and my new favorite. It is obvious that Violet love Gilbert and he too. It hurts that Violet misses him so much. The ending of episode 1, made me cry. Pls they are otp

4.) Yeong-Gi x Shin-Ae

art, webtoon, and boy image i love yoo, webtoon, and yeong gi image manga, webtoon, and yeong-gi image i love yoo, yeong gi, and webtoon image
To Love Yoo

Honestly I love their relationship. I am confuse with his relationship with Alyssa. There was a flashback where (maybe) Shin-Ae and Alyssa were good friends. He does care about her a lot and try to be closer friends with her. Yeong-Gi's sad face makes me sad in the inside. Like he deserve better

5.) Miyamura x Hori

manga and horimiya image horimiya, anime, and hóri image aesthetic, kawai, and kawaii image manga, anime, and horimiya image

Very cute manga that I really enjoy. They are cute together and I like how they accepted their personal life. It hasn't update much but I do like to re-read it over and over. It is one of the couple goals.

Well that's it! That's the recent ships that I love ♡ Some are old but they are couple goals. Thank you for reading~

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