Tea Or Coffee? ♥ Tea

Japanese Or Italian Food? ♥ Japanese

Burger Or Pizza? ♥ Pizza

Vanilla Or Chocolate? ♥ Vanilla

Mayo Or Ketchup? ♥ Ketchup

Fruits Or Vegetables? ♥ Fruits

B&W Or Colors? ♥ B&W

Day Or Night? ♥ Night

Sunrise Or Sunset? ♥ Sunrise

Beach Or Mountain? ♥ Beach

Europe Or America? ♥ America

Paris Or London? ♥ London

LA Or New York? ♥ LA

City Or Country Side? ♥ City

Summer Or Winter? ♥ Summer

Spring Or Fall? ♥ Spring

Christmas Or Halloween? ♥ Christmas

Sunny Or Rainy? ♥ Sunny

Painting Or Drawing? ♥ Painting

Silver Or Gold? ♥ Gold

Art Or Science? ♥ Art

Cat Or Dog? ♥ Cat

Kylie Or Kendall Jenner? ♥ Kylie

Modern Or Classic Houses? ♥ Classic

Books Or Movies? ♥ Books

McDonald's or Burger King? ♥ McDonalds

New York Or Tokyo? ♥ Tokyo

Hip Hop Or Rock? ♥ Rock

Freckles Or Dimples? ♥ Dimples

Sun Or Moon? ♥ Moon

Romance Or Horror? ♥ Romance

That's the end of it. I hope you liked and know a little more about me. I want you guys to message me on what I should do next for these just for you guys to get to know me!

~ Love
Yan~Chan ♥