Hello, my fellow WeHeartists!

I've been thinking of new article ideas and have recently been recruited to #TheSmileProject which is an AMAZING idea! So I thought to myself: how can I promote positivity to my followers?

Hence I introduce to you: POSITIVE THOUGHT OF THE WEEK!

Every week, I'll try to post something to contemplate on in order to generate positivity!

So I want you to take a look at this image below:

positive image
A self-love hedgehog that illustrates 7 basic ideas of how to love yourself

I saw this on WeHeartIt the other day and it really struck me. I thought I would elaborate on these points further since self-love is so SO important and under-taught.

Drop Toxic People

This one may seem easy but for some, they go through life trying to please other people or be someone else. They'd rather blend in with the crowd and strive to be liked by everyone else, even if they were becoming someone they didn't want to be.

I understand because I've been there before! I changed myself and stayed quiet with toxic friends who treated me horribly. I let them because I was afraid to lose them and be alone since I thought being alone was the worst thing in the world.

How wrong I was. The worst thing in the world is being with people who make you feel awful and bring you down. Leave those types of people and realize that you WILL find those people who will love and support you because you're you! And trust me, they'll be worth the wait!

Remove Negative Comparisons

It can be really hard not to compare yourself with models, celebrities, popular people, or simply your friends. We view these people as perfect with great bodies, an awesome lifestyle, with the best friends/relationships in their lives. And here comes the negative questions:

"Why can't I be as thin as her?"
"How does she find the perfect boyfriend?"
"How come no one likes me compared to him? He has no trouble making friends!"

Whenever you find yourself thinking like this, STOP. Take a breath and ask yourself, "What is one thing in my life that I'm grateful for?" Visualize your answer and focus on it. There's no reason to compare yourself to anyone as we all have our own struggles and strengths. Do your best not to compare and you'll end up noticing things/people in your life you took for granted.

Thank Yourself

Keep in mind you have been through so much to get to this point in your life. You are strong and can handle anything life throws your way. Thank yourself for getting you this far and keep thanking yourself for continuing onward through the crazy adventure that is life.

Build Positive Affirmations

I love this one as we should all have at least one positive thing we say to ourselves. Try practicing your unique positive affirmation in the mirror and say it whenever you are feeling anxious/insecure. Here are some suggestions below if you can't think of any:

I am here. I am trying. I am enough!
I'm going to be okay.
I've survived a lot of things and I'll probably survive this.
Things are going to get better.
I am doing the best I can with what I have.

Focus on Yourself

People tend to get consumed in what others think of them and their lives that they neglect themselves. They fail to see their own worth and why their happiness should come before others, not the other way around.

When you become aware of and focus on yourself, you realize the type of people/vibes you want in your life. You learn that even though you aren't perfect, you are lovable and amazing just how you are. You know what you like, people you like, and more importantly, what parts of yourself that you like.

Take Care of Your Body

Eat healthily and be healthy towards your body! Exercise when you can and eat as healthy as possible. Don't totally restrict yourself or solely focus on losing weight quickly as it doesn't work. Know that it's a slow and steady progress toward becoming healthier and stronger, NOT just losing weight.

Developing a positive body image is also hugely important. Keep in mind that it's okay that you don't look like those models in magazines as beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Society has a messed up definition of what's beautiful and the standards of clothing are ridiculous. As a short and curvy woman, this can be greatly upsetting having to go wear XL or not finding things that fit as it makes me feel embarrassed about my body.

However, I've told myself that my body is strong and worth so much more than fitting horrifyingly tiny trendy clothes. I find my own unique clothes that I like and rock my body! And I encourage all girls with all body types to do the same as you never know who can be inspired by you ;)

Be Mindful of Your Inner Voice

Do you ever catch yourself thinking negatively about a situation or yourself? Negativity is hard to escape as it's enticing and seeing positivity can be difficult. However, pull yourself out of negativity and look on the bright side.

"Ugh it's raining, I hate the rain!" Negative

"It's raining, that means flowers will grow." Positive

"I am totally going to fail this test." Negative

"I am going to my best on this test." Positive

"Man, I said the stupidest thing in front of my crush!" Negative

"I did say something silly but maybe they'll see my charming sense of humor." Positive

See the difference? Work your way towards thinking like this and notice the incredible change in yourself and how you view your life. Hope you enjoyed my positive thought of the week and I'll post another next week.

Thank you for reading, my lovelies! Message me for article suggestions and have a great day! :)