aka Katherine Pierce. (bxtchy, sarcastic, strong, dark, inspiring)

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"Humanity is our greatest weakness. No matter how easy it is to turn it off, it keeps trying to fight it's way back in - Sometimes I let it."
"Love is not real, unless it's returned."
"It does bother me that you've fallen in love with someone else."
"I've convinced myself that it's okay to give up."
"I thought you were different - obviously I was wrong."
"I deserve everything bad that's ever happened to me."
"People change. I'm not the girl you think I am."
"I was looking out for myself. I will always look out for myself. If you're smart, you'll do the same."
"Always stay one step ahead of your enemy"
"It must be exhausting trying to be me."
"Life is too cruel."
"Everything you hate about yourself - you'll still wake up with that in the morning."
"Oh, what would I know about posttraumatic stress? I only had my newborn ripped from my arms by my judgemental father. And then had to run 500 years after my entire family had been slaughtered by a psychopath. But, hey - that didn't have any lingering side effects. "
"When I say friend, I mean 'friend'."
"You've got to admit - for that one fleeting moment, your feelings were real."
"I won't let anything happen to us."
"Game on."
"Kiss me or kill me."
"I'm sorry that you are who you are."
"I'll rip this town apart until it rains blood."
"Better you die than I."
"It's okay to love them both. I did."
"I already killed you once, I can easily do it again."
"You wanna play with me?"
"Did it ever occur to you that you have no idea who I really am?"
"Do you think after all the horrible things I've done, that it would be possible to be forgiven?"
"Love. Hate. Such a fine line."
"You hate me? That sounds like the beginning of a love story."
"The brother who loved me too much and the one that didn't love me enough."
"We are alone. And we hate it."
"I never changed - I just learned."
"If we cease to believe in love, why would we want to live?"
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- Katerina Petrova