This is the soundtrack of the resistance! There's a lot to be pissed off at and we HAVE to stand up against the injustices in our world. We, as members of humanity, must come together and fight for peace and justice! I'd also like to point out I'm a rock and metal guy who despises pretty much all pop, but please give this playlist a listen and maybe you'll understand headbanging and take action!
(I realized this list has a lot of crazy songs, and I thought it would be weird to have some calmer/acoustic songs at the end, so I'll make another list with SOMEWHAT calmer stuff).

Every Rage Against The Machine song EVER (but just to name a few)!

Testify- (I'd link the video, but they talk over great musical parts of the song. PLEASE watch the video!)

Killing In The Name-

Bulls On Parade-

ALMOST every System Of A Down song ever (but just to name a few)!

Prison Song-



ALMOST every punk rock song EVER (but just to name a few)!

God Save The Queen by Sex Pistols-

Holiday In Cambodia by Dead Kennedys-

In My Eyes by Minor Threat-

Sorry for no pictures! I couldn't figure how to do that!