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This article will be ''Things to do with besties''

Dinner with ur besties!
-you can go to the restaurant that serves very good meals, or simply stay at home and prepare a delicious dinner and enjoyed with them!

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Pool party with ur besties!
-party is already a lot of fun but it gets even better when is in the pool with music and bikinis!

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Spa day
-call the besties and prepare the house to make it like a spa! having a lot of fun and at the same times you are so relaxing!

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Marathon of films and series
call the besties and prepare the room, the food and the movies that you want to watch with them! lot of fun!

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Do some fitness with ur gurlsss
-do fitness sometimes is healthy and more fun, you can do it with ur besties, why not?!

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To go camping
-chossing a cool place, go camping with friends and get in touch with nature, it can be very cool!

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