*Hi, so i'm gonna start my very first article by saying that i'm gonna write it in both english and spanish, i think i'll be doing this in most of my articles so yeah, i'll post the spanish one next.

So, we know that our sunshine's birthday was last Sunday, February 18th and he, like the angel he is, wanted to celebrate it with us and decided to start a vlive.

Something happened during this vlive that really pissed me off.

Some army commented on the vlive, asking Hoseok to stop making the cute little sound effects he does because they were "annoying".

Hoseok responded to her saying "I'll stop doing it this year" and apologizing for being "annoying".

First of all, can you guys imagine our sunshine without his energy boost, his extra reactions, his aegyo, his smile, his laugh, his loud personality? Because i know i can't. Those cute effect noises he makes are part of his personality and part of who he is, and i can see he really enjoys doing them, why would he stop?

They don't owe anything to us, they have already given us so much of them with their music. We should not have any type of control over their personal lives, we don't have any right to tell them what to wear, how to wear it, how to act or what they can't or can do. We can't dictate their lives.

If you are a really a fan and you claim that you "love" them, then act like it. When you truly love or respect a person you don't try to change them to please your expectations, that's not what love is that's being selfish.

When you love a person you love them as a whole, with all of their flaws (not that they have any tbh). And most importantly, you don't make them feel bad about their little habits or the things they like.

And this has not only happened with Hoseok, this has also happened with Jungkook, Taehyung and Namjoon (that i know of). And the saddest part is that they love army so much they actually attempt to change who they are to "please" us.

So please, let's spread love and not hate. Let's make the guys love themselves for who they are and let's make them feel confident and proud with what they like. Let's respect their personal lives and personalities and give them happiness, not insecurities.

Let's show that we respect them and let them express themselves. Let's prove them we will support them no matter what, they have already done so much for us.

Thank you army.