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Today, I wanted to show you all my favorites (vitamins) products for: Fitness (Of course! I'm a FitGirl), beauty, body care, etc.
I love to have a little day with all those! 'find them soo cute, lovely and helping!
Let's see!


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💎✨That's probably one of my favorites! I love SugarBearHair! They are soooo... Baby blue!!!!!
You take 2 gummy vitamins a day. You can eat the bears at any time of the day, together or separately, with or without food!
SugarBearHair gives you everything you need to:
-Push the healthiest and longest hair possible:
-Growth of hair longer and stronger
-Feed your hair from the inside
-Improve overall health
-Increase the strength of the hair
-Improve hair elasticity
-Stop of hair breakage
They are so cute and so delicious! Who can do without that!✨💎

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Super fat burning gummies
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💎✨From SkinnyMint, Super fat burning gummies do:
-Accelerate your fat loss with our unique 2-step program, designed for the best fat burning results!
-Garcinia Cambogia and Green Coffee Bean are combined in a delicious and sugar-free 2-Step Gummy Program.
-Pairing rigorous scientific research with high-quality ingredients, it’s one of the best supplements to support your health regime!
Take 4 Gummies a day: 2 Power Up Gummies in the morning, and 2 Hunger Buster Gummies as an afternoon snack.
•Power Up: Green Coffee Bean
•Hunger Buster: Garcinia Cambogia✨💎


Skinnymint (Tea)
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💎✨I love Skinny Mint!
Just one cup of the Morning Boost tea in the morning and the Night Cleanse tea every other night! You will love your Tea detox, eat well and stay healthy! + Packed with healthy ingredients that are good for your health!
Morning Boost: A formulation of guarana, Green Tea & Yerba Mate to create a fruity and fresh tea blend!
Night Cleanse: A Night Time formulation of Ginger root, Lemongrass, Senna leaves, and Psyllium Husk!
After 28 days, everything's done!✨💎

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💎✨Fit Tea is a detoxifying tea blend which comes in individual teabags containing Organic Green Tea, Oolong Wu Yi, Garcinia Cambogia Extract.
-Boost Energy
-Lose Weight
I'm a FitGirl and so that's why I loooove it!
It's so good! Plus, a cup comes with tea and a tea-shaped leaf pocket too cuuute! The taste is awesome and the progress too!
After 14 days, everything's done!✨💎

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Natural Mojo
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💎✨There are plenty of different kinds and they are all delicious! There's berry, coffee, and more! They are sweet and adorable! They will allow you to find the pleasure of a healthy and balanced food! They bring plenty of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Effects guaranteed to boost your daily life according to your goals!
"True Beauty" is my perfect ally to keep a beautiful complexion all winter long! Every day I put a little powder in my yogurts, and in addition to having positive effects, it's delicious! I recommend this cure, girls!✨💎

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💎✨I am very happy with FitVia products, I consume a lot, I really felt a very good detoxifying effect on the body. In addition, the ingredients are great and help you burn fat. combining FitVia products with a healthy lifestyle will give you results! There are cereals, gruel, tea, etc.! They are really delicious!✨💎

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💎✨It's just made of coconut!
You know how much I love coconut !!!!! Plus it's so good for fitness and complexion!
They're just perfect!:
-Organic Agriculture
-No refined sugar
-Without additive/preservative
-Without GMO✨💎

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💎✨They're pills for fitness and health!
The experts, including health professionals, sports medicine and nutrition, came together to bring you the quintessence of nutritional supplementation in a unique range of dietary supplements: Natural and Wild Spirulina of Yunnan, Guarana Brazilian organic fish, wild blue fish oil, Ningxia natural goji, Korean red ginseng Panax, Peruvian maca and royal jelly.✨💎

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"Le Petit Marseillais"
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💎✨There are shower gels, soaps, shampoos and body care! They are really great! Never have I been so happy to have this product! He is so sweet and he foams everything effortlessly! Really it's the perfect if you are looking for something like this! It brings new life to our body by bringing us tones of good vitamins!✨💎

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What are YOUR favorites (vitamins) products?
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