I have so many books on my 'to read' list that sometimes I'm not even sure which one to grab next! I'm currently reading a book called Nerve by Jeanne Ryan and absolutely loving it.

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Nerve by Jeanne Ryan

I want to share a little something with you guys, I have a list written in a notebook of mine (that I may have to base an article on one day) and within this notebook I have drawn a bookshelf containing the books I have read and ones I want to read. I realise this idea isn't completely original but I loved the look of it so much I couldn't resist!

Image by Charlotte Lawrence
A photo taken of my still growing notebook-bookshelf

Anyway! Before I entail my reading list - beware - there is no rhyme and rhythm to these, it may be a boring list but I have a peculiar interest in reading them! So, my top 5 weird and wonderful books I'd like to read next are...


Image by Angel angel, dark, and destiny image Image by Charlotte Lawrence Image by Charlotte Lawrence
Fallen by Lauren Kate

With this one, I must hold my hands up and confess! I watched the movie first after hearing how good the series is. Once watching the movie I immediately wanted to read the book, especially because most people think the movie left out a lot of the story. I'd loved to dive into this head first and eventually move on to the rest of the series. I don't have these books yet but it's my birthday soon so I might be forced to purchase these and wrap them up for myself if I have too!

Murder on the Orient Express

Image by Charlotte Lawrence Image by Charlotte Lawrence Image by Charlotte Lawrence Image by Charlotte Lawrence
Murder of the Orient Express by Agatha Christie

I cannot wait to get into this book! I love a little crime and mystery. Without getting into it just yet, it's already reminding me of the Professor Layton games (which I love) I'm going to have to try hard not to picture the detective wearing a large brown top hat and coat.

See Me

Image by Charlotte Lawrence Image by Charlotte Lawrence beautiful, book, and couple image Image by Aurelio Dido
See Me by Nicholas Sparks

One for the heart and soul and to turn the boat completely around. I'm quite the Nicholas Sparks fan, where each place is set and the description of the surroundings just takes me to a state of mental bliss (that's before any romance happens).
This one is the next Sparks one for me to read, I feel like I relate to one of the characters (just from reading the blurb) the character tries to keep their attention on their educational/career life and therefore blocks out the 'distracting' things - I guiltily do this too, it may be interesting to take a leaf out of their book and step out of that comfort zone abit.

The Girl on the Train

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The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

With this book and the movie recently coming out, I've tried hard not to let any spoilers get to me. I've purposely kept away from all that to let this book be a complete surprise when I come to read it. With other books (like Fallen) I'd sometimes read up on the book or even watch the movie to know what to expect - not with this one. The most I know about it is what the back cover describes, that's it. So with my little mysterious loving side filtering back through, I'm excited to read this.


To Reach the Clouds

Image by Charlotte Lawrence Image by Charlotte Lawrence Image by Charlotte Lawrence man on wire, philippe petit, and quote image
To Reach the Clouds by Philippe Petit

This one is last but by no means least. This is a non-fiction book written by Philippe Petit who was amazingly brave enough to walk on a tightrope between the two Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York. A movie was released in 2015 called 'The Walk' - that was how I found out about Petit. Once I watched the movie I did some researching and found some old photographs of Petit walking the wire. Falling in love with the movie and this whole event I found he wrote a book. I couldn't have gone onto Amazon and purchased anything faster. I've not got round to reading it just yet but I already know I love it.

So there we are, the next 5 books I'd like to read hopefully in the next few months after finishing off Nerve.

Happy reading!