If you were to die tomorrow could you honestly say that you had lived?
That you dont regret not doing all those things you were too scared to do.

We cruise through life just existing, accepting that this is the life we live. But why?

Why should we just accept that this is the way it is, death is inevitable but regrets are optional.

enjoy, life, and live image

Wether it be that we are worried what people will think or we are scared of the result, in the end we only have ourselves to blame for not living our lives to the fullest.

What about things that have been left unsaid?
If your loved one died tomorrow i bet you could think of an abundance of words left unspoken.

So why not speak them while you still can.

Why not do that thing while you still can.

Dont make your life a series of why didn’t i’s.

Make it why not.

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