i've lost everyone. 'cause my "best friend" just seems too dumb to realize that this shit she thinks it's friendship it's nothing more than classmates relation. If she don't want to share anything, no interest in show me what she likes, and keeps acting like the past years, when we were eleven; I can't stand.
I can't hold me back to wait her grow. She changes too slowly, we are in a different mood all the time. I wanna keep going, but she keeps acting like a little shy girl. Who don't get things done when it needed, aways doing homework in a hurry, not studying enogh - when she knows she needed more - and standing there while people are moving foward.

And my mother tells me I'm wrong, but can't point me things straight. Cause when you have a problem, you don't have the whole vision to solve it.

I just to move as fast as possible. These friends seems more like only classmates; maybe it's because they are just that already. I want a new place, new people and a new reality.

Cause this is stoping me from what I want. Fuck. I hate to depend on people, I feel weak.

I've like to choose to be gone. Not dead, just not here.