Since the National Contest for a place on the best Mexican University begins this weekend, all students (including me) are stressed: we study day and night, we don´t sleep well or eat too much, we get nervous, anxious and even sad.

And I realized something.

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When something important in your life is too close, you realize how vulnerable you are. You realized that, maybe, you´re not the teenage superhero that can change the world, at least not without tools.

You realized how important is school for society. You realized that you need a paper to have an actual voice in the world, you need to be a profesional in something and actually work on that for your opinion to be heard.

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You realized that you´re not a kid anymore, and you will never be again. All the protection that you´re parents gave to you is gone, all the games and the no worries are not allowed anymore. Now you´re in front of a big world whose ready to shake your life off in every sense, and you´re supposed to be ready to live it out.

You realize how many dreams you left behind, the things you wanted to do, how you wanted to conquer the world, maybe even those things you were talented for. You realized that you grew up to become someone, maybe someone you´re parents would be proud of.

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You realized no one ever taught you to be confident, to believe in yourself or what you know. You don´t feel capable of doing something actually important, because of your past mistakes. You want someone to believe in you that hard, that you can feel better about yourself.

You realized that you can´t be forever young and your teenage years are close to the end, that things will change wherever you like it or not. You grow up and take important decisions, you get in the swirl we call adulthood.

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You realized how short and funny life is. You realized that a word, a step and a attitude can change your life forever. You realized how short and important is life, and how easy it is for it to change drastically.

From teenagers to adults. Who said the process didn´t hurt at all?

Inspired also on the song Anxiety by Logic ft. Lucy Rose