When it happens, you know you have enjoyed yourself.
You are back, once again, from a different journey.

New encounters, new sceneries, new bonds that you will carry with you forever or just forget in a few days, weeks or years cause it's what daily routine do.

Well, through my journeys, I experience an effing amount of feelings;

Happiness: even more than just being happy, I feel like am shining, radiating, I daydream, I smile and laugh a lot too.

Boredom: sometimes things just seem to take all the time in the world, an endless, annoying wait. Why not just get to point??

Sadness: I cry, have a heavy heart, headaches, red and tired eyes, exhausted body...

Anger: I get mad because things don't turn the way I expect them to, mad because there is just too much injustice, bad luck, stupidity!

Apprehension: I try to predict things, have them sometimes right, sometimes wrong, got surprised a lot, again in a good or bad way.

Jealousy: there is perfection, idylls, true love, great friendships, great everything. Not that I am the most miserable thing on earth but there it seems so ... PURE.

Satisfaction: in the end, I've stayed, I completed the journey and it's oddly very satisfying, little treat to myself, I feel great.

What a World!

What a world are BOOKS!
From your bed, from the couch, in the bus, on the train, at the beach, in a little library, on the grass in the sun, on a random bench...

Books are doors to different feelings, more knowledge, new adventures.
Grab a book people!