I think tattoos are a way to express yourself so i decided to make a list of the tattoos i wanna get.

X Tattoo

tattoo, love, and xo image
An "x" to represent my future soulmate (him doing a "O" so it matches)

Rose Tattoo

tattoo, rose, and flowers image
tattoo image
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tattoo, rose, and body image
tattoo, nails, and rose image
A rose because roses are my favourite flower and to me they represent love


tattoo and grunge image
I'm going to have tattoos to represent my kids (like something the like,toy they love, ...)

Space Tattoo

little, tattoo, and space image
stars and tattoo image
I love the universe and i'm curious about it so i wanna get a small space themed tattoo to represent my love for the universe and the stars

Constelacion Tattoo

tattoo, stars, and constellation image
I wanna get a constelacion tattoo because i love the night sky and the constellations

Wave Tattoo

beach, tattoo, and summer image
I wanna get a wave tattoo to represent my dad, he loves the beach and he's a surfer

Dog and cat Tattoo

tattoo, cat, and dog image
This tattoo represents my pets

Mountain Tattoo

tattoo and moon image
I wanna have a mountain tattoo to represent my love of travelling

Peach Tattoo

peach and tattoo image
I wanna have a peach tattoo because peach is my favourite food and it's a fun tattoo