hey! so, anyone who knows me, knows my favorite city in the world is new york. although i've never been to the big apple, i already love everything about it. luckily, i'll be walking in the streets of central park by april 3rd. so, i thought i'll show you the reason why i love this city so much. enjoy!


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buildings are one of the most important things about new york, the views are just beautiful.

central park

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there's nothing like a walk in central park, the smell of the trees and flowers and the breathtaking views.


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"breakfast at tiffany's" is my favourite movie about new york. the story is not about the city but still, you can see the beauty about nyc and what it represents.


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one of the main attractions of the big city is the top of the rock, an observation desk with an amazing view of the empire state building and all manhattan.


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this ´90 sitcom is one of my favourites series and it takes place in nyc.

sooo, those are some of the reasons why i'm in love with this city! hope you liked my article

with love, solana