Hi again sweethearts! We all know that Youtube is the main platform for entertainment and all sorts of other things. I however don't usually indulge too too much into Youtube. BUT I do have a handful of fave YouTubers that are totally underrated and should be checked out!

1.Youtuber #1 Jackie Wyers

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Jackie Wyers is a beauty guru who uploads makeup tutorials inspired by looks from characters from your fave movies/ T.V. shows (ex: Cady heron (Mean Girls), Lydia Martin (Teen Wolf) or Bella Swan (Twilight) She also post some fun DIYS as well. I really enjoy how thought out her videos are!

2. YouTuber #2 Katie o (Stealthespotlight)

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Katie is an Australian Fashion Blogger who runs a Youtube channel that features videos of different look books. A lot of the videos are inspired from styles from past decades;( the 60s,70s, 80s,90s, etc.) Her outfits are very cute and affordable. I mostly love how inspired I get to experiment/find my own style.

3. Youtuber # 3 Meredith Foster

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Meredith Foster may not be an underrated YouTuber, but I do love her videos! A lot of fun DIYs :)

4. Youtuber # 4 Sarah Betts

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Sarah's videos are always so full of fun and happiness. I adore her personality because there's so much friendliness and optimism!

I think these are all I can think of for the time being. <3