Hey Hearters!

Thought I would do this for fun! If you haven't checked my page yet go and check it out! Help me improve my feed! Dm requests on what I should post! Hope you enjoy!

1. Emerald Green

shoes, fashion, and green image cactus, green, and neon image fashion, style, and green image heart, light, and neon image

2. Lemon

yellow and lemon image flowers, yellow, and daisy image yellow, light, and neon image girl, yellow, and beach image

3. Ivory

crown, Queen, and rose gold image Image by Lidor fashion, shoes, and white image flowers, white, and tulips image

4. Salmon

aesthetic, sun, and peach image girl, fashion, and dress image hair, pink, and hairstyle image nike, shoes, and peach image

5. Eggplant Purple

Image by ack hands, black, and stars image purple, aesthetic, and plants image art, color, and fashion image

Much Love,