Living healthier. Easy said, but hard to keep up. I've tried out these following tips myself and hope these will help you too!!

Drink water out of cute glasses

Yes, It really helps you drink more. I speak from experience, trust me and buy those cute cups and glasses you see in stores. Oh, before I forget get ones with a straw or drink from a straw, before you know it you've drank the whole bottle! Your skin will be very happy with that! ;)

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Keep your goal as your wallpaper

What I mean by this one is for example for me I want to fit in the party dresses I've bought without my belly hanging out if (D:) so whenever I turn my phone on I'll see my goal and why I have started being more healthy.

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Go running with someone else

Have a buddy with you (friends, parents, siblings etc.) so y'all can motivate each other and not get lazy! Make a daily routine of it, set a time in the day where both of you are available and choose the days you're going to run. (I'd like to do it in the morning so I can wake up, plus I This is just easier to keep it up and keep you motivated!

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Don't buy unhealthy stuff

I know this one's hard, but just by not buying it you'll help yourself soooo much. Whenever you're in the store don't go into the candy/chips aisle, or just tell your parents to don't buy those stuff anymore and instead buy delicious fruits. I tend to eat fruit that's easy to eat right away like tangerines, apples or bananas so my parents make sure that we have those at home.

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You can also make a fruit salad, I know those are really time consuming, I motivate myself to make those after looking at pictures here in WHI, after seeing those pictures I crave it so I get my lazy ass to make it and those are not hard to make at all!

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These were my tips! Let's go and get that healthy lifestyle!!! Good luck to y'all!

- XOXO -

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