Waking up, she pull the sheets off. It is almost three in the morning and she can not sleep. She walks to the bathroom and washes her face. There is obviously no way she can go to sleep now. Shutting the door behind her, she goes into her closet. This closet it a walk in and she loves it very much. Slipping on an oversized hoodie and some sweats, she opens her window. Lauren breathes in the fresh air. Prying the screen off the window is easier than it used to be. Lauren climbs out of the small congested house and lays on the roof. Pulling out pillows and blankets, she stares at the stars. Her breathing is almost silent as she points out constellations in her mind. Lauren usually goes on the roof like this but since it is winter she can't anymore. Doesn't mean she can't just bundle up though and still do it. With a space heater on behind her she thinks about the world and how small she is compared. She stares at the moon and closes her eyes. She does not go to sleep but instead just breathes in the sounds of faint cars and the peace she is feeling. 6 rolls around and she watches the sunrise. Falling back asleep after it has rose is a ritual.

Thank you for reading this! the prompt was:
Take us through a written walk down your street and to your favorite place through the eyes of somebody else.