hello beautiful people! (◡‿◡✿)
so in this article i am not going to teach you anything and this is not a "tutorial" im just here to remind you couple of things, so let's get started;

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→ first i want to start by saying that it is 100% okay if you don't like yourself, we all going through something, we all don't like something about ourselves and thats totally okay.
but, think of you just like an another person; would you want to "spend" the rest of your life hating that person knowing this is hurting "both" of you, or starting getting to know each other.
and yeah im talking about starting to get to know yourself! i know it sounds weird but trust me.
so first thing you need to do is to analysing yourself as a person.
what do you like to do?
how do you behive?
do you take care of youself?
and what do you think of yourself as another person.
and start asking what would like to change in this person, how would make this person happy? is this person even happy?

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→ remember that loving yourself would definitely help you in relationships. if you don't love yourself, how would love another person?

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→ try to find the good parts of yourself and feel more confidents.find the parts that you don't like about yourself and try to "fix" it or just accept it. because this is who you are.

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→ confidents is a big part of the "process" just stand up in front of a mirror and to smile while thinking about all the great things you have; your beautiful eyes, your hair, your great, even your great personality!

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→ always remind to yourself that youre special, there is only one you in the entire world, stop comparing yourself to others they probably comparing themselves too. so what's the point of living your life while looking at others and trying to be them? well, fuck them. you is what matters right now. you should be 100% happy without looking like them, acting like them, having the same life they have.

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so this is why i think loving yourself is important and of course these are just my opinions that might help you.i know it's hard but just as hard as living hating yourself all the time. so please just try to smile sometimes, remind yourself that you're beautiful worth it and important.

i really hope you guys liked it, im so sorry about my english ugh (my second language btw)

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