hey everyone, if this isn't your "type of article" then don't read this, and read my next article next week.

being depressed is weird, your'e not sure if your'e actually depressed or if your'e "just overreacting". you feel happy at some times, and other times you wan't to just break down and cry. depression - a mental condition characterized by feelings of severe despondency and dejection, typically also with feelings of inadequacy and guilt, often accompanied by lack of energy and disturbance of appetite and sleep. all the time you just feel weird, you feel guilty, you feel uncomfortable in your own skin. you wonder if people really care about you. or what would happen if you just vanished one day. about half a year ago, I was failing in school, i barely had any friends, and i was getting slightly bullied on social media. i realized something was wrong, i shouldn't be feeling this way, waking up every morning was a disaster. i was extremely tired, i didn't wan't to eat, and i just didn't wan't to do anything overall. i had to put a stop to this, i didn't want to feel this way anymore. i told someone, i told them exactly how i felt. they helped me by first of all, deleting all my social media. the second thing they helped me with was motivating me with my school work. I was beginning to feel brighter, i wasn't overall happier, but i was for sure changing. i began to do things i loved, like writing, drawing, creating articles, finding my own sense of style. i began to stop thinking about how sad i was. i really wanted to kill myself before this. i really just wanted to die. i though of ways to kill myself, i wondered if people really did care about me. i was so proud of myself for coming this far. i wanted to share my story with all of you because i never felt like anyone cared about me. i got inspiration from others who were going through the same thing as me. you are loved, you are so so so so so so so loved. i love you, your friends love you, your family loves you, your significant other loves you. everyone cares about you. i care about you. if you need to talk, you can private message me or tell someone you trust. you are loved and people do care about you.