Don't blame others for our bad times, for feeling that our heart is broken into a thousand pieces or for each tear we shed. Why? Because that guilt is absolutely ours, it is we who give the "power" to another person to make us happy or miserable, we are responsible for our feelings, our mind and body.

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It is not good to say "You broke my heart" because we give away our hearts even without knowing if the other person even knows how to take care of him. It sounds cruel but if we don't give control of our life, of our mood to someone else, we'll be fine because nobody, more than us, know exactly what we like, we know how to light on the flame of life and we know which It is the right path for our goals. We need to learn that it is not necessary to have a partner, that it is not necessary to have the approval of someone else; Being single is not bad, it's not wrong to live life at our pace with our simple rules.

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From today we will recover step by step what we really are, let us love ourselves and when we are prepared and have lived as long as we want, we can teach someone else our "manual" how to be happy

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