1. Recovery
2. The first rain of Autumn
3. Stepping on crunchy leaves
4. Meeting new friends
5. Seeing old friends
6. Waking up an hour before your alarm
7. Beautiful sunsets
8. Shooting stars
9. Holding hands for the first time
10. First kisses
11. Catching snowflakes on your tongue
12. Fresh baked cookies
13. Digging your toes in the dirt
14. Listening to the wind
15. Singing to your favorite song on the radio
16. Collecting shiny things
17. Birthdays
18. Making new traditions on holidays
19. Passing tests
20. Getting paid
21. Tea before bed
22. Watching your breath on cold mornings
23. Bonfires
24. Traveling to new and faraway places
25. Weddings
26. Touching the lives of everyone you know
27. Finding money in your pocket
28. Hugs
29. Pregnancies and new life
30. Beautiful compliments from strangers
31. Smiles
32. Hearing a good song for the first time
33. Photobooth pictures with friends
34. Watching new trailers before a movie
35. Graduations
36. Buying your first lottery ticket
37. Lucky pennies
38. Laughing
39. Re-reading your favorite book
40. The white noise of a coffee shop
41. Blowing bubbles
42. Meeting someone famous
43. Getting through another year
44. Anniversaries
45. Freshly made pancakes
46. Late night adventures
47. Finger painting
48. Making love
49. Getting a new haircut
50. Putting on new socks
51. The smell of clean laundry
52. Healing
53. Falling in love
54. Jumping into pools
55. Fuzzy slippers
56. Seeing rainbows
57. Petting dogs & cats
58. Learning to love yourself
59. Full moons
60. Crescent moons
61. Taking pictures with a disposable camera
62. Going to parties with friends
63. New dollar bills
64. TV shows
65. Kicking old habits
66. Finding something you thought you'd lost
67. Taking naps
68. Sleeping in
69. Improving yourself
70. Clean bed sheets
71. Finding the perfect pair of jeans
72. Standing up for yourself
73. Eating your favorite dessert
74. Cooking yourself dinner
75. Kissing
76. Being proud of yourself
77. Inside jokes
78. Setting goals
79. Taking days off to do nothing
80. Lightning and thunder
81. Seeing that there can be good in the world
82. Being a part of the good in the world
83. Realizing you're never truly alone
84. Being so happy you're crying
85. Your heartbeat
86. All of the people you have yet to meet
87. Discovering yourself
88. Breathing
89. Dancing; alone, naked or with a partner
90. Defending what you believe in

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i found this hearts a long time ago & i thought they were important. they're not mine.

you're not alone. you worth. you're enough. stay strong. if you need to talk you can message me bc you have a friend right here. xoxo