Life sucks.

Ya, you can tell anything you want. I don't care. Life sucks. It's a fact.

You want to contradict me? Okay let's go. Say everything you think.

"life is beautiful, you can find love"
This love is toxic because love can be a comfortable escape, but it can be a horrible hell.

"life gives you friends"
People come and go. Next stupid sentence.

"you can live a beautiful moment with yourself. You can take care of your skin, your hair, your body, etc."
I hate myself. I hate my broken hair. I hate my body : I'm too fat. I hate the person i see in the mirror.

"you learn a new thing everyday"
Ya, i learn stupid s things i don't need because that's the class program. Yeeaaahh that's fuck*n funny

"you can do what you want"
No, I'm not. Why? Because i want to kill myself but they don't let me do what i wanted.

Tell me more stupid things. I wait. I need to end my life right now but I can't.