Hello everyone here,

In every given moment in life, we are presented with the opportunity to choose - light or dark, right or wrong, happy or low. So I do not want to write a long story about that because it is not so interesting to read a long article so let's make something more interesting.

And one more thing you need to remember.

When life gives you a lemon squeeze the juice in life's eyes and replace them with a sweet, comforting latte.

1= Turn on some music.

ed sheeran, music, and shape of you image

2= Just dance.
You can dance at home, alone.

boy, childhood, and dance image

3= Go shopping.

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4= Cook and bake something new.

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5= Paint your nails.

nails, pink, and beauty image

6= Watch a movie.

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7= Workout.

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8= Take a nap.

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9= Watch a funny videos.

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10= Go for a walk.

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11= Give a compliment to someone.

neon image

12= Play a video game.

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13= Go to a movie.

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14= Read some inspirational quotes.

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15= Try out a new DIY.

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16= Research and set your sights on a new goal or idea.

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17= Grab some friends and play board games.

board games, chess, and game image

18= Watch some inspirational videos.

19= Make a note on your phone of life motto's.

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20= Fake it until you make it and smile anyways, it feels good.

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